Is Delphine Wespiser offended? Refuses to reconcile with colleagues at TPMP (VIDEO)

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For the day of peace, Cyril Hanouna asked cold columnists to compromise. But Delphine Wespiser, who doesn’t have a weak memory, has refused to forgive her colleagues for putting her aside last season.

Delphine Wespiser is a woman of faith and does not hesitate to speak out loud and clear. He found himself in the middle of such an argument last season. Indeed, she had made some brilliant statements about ex-beauty queen Marine Le Pen at TPMP… Most of those who left the young woman after this gap.

Today, for world peace day, Cyril Hanouna therefore asked the columnists to compromise. Gilles Verdez apologized to the young woman for this: “We disappointed you when you took such clear stances; Cyril supported you, I tried to support you, and you said to me one day, ‘Your body language betrayed you when you spoke,’ you didn’t seem to believe what you were saying. I’m sorry, I wasn’t clear enough Delphine, you have the merit of taking some clear, strong positions, I should have been on your side more, now I’ll be by your side (…)”

Definitely very inspired, Gilles Verdez adds: “Before I raise a flag, if I approach this subject, I deserve to approach it because others I won’t name here (…) others keep making fun of you behind the scenes or on set (…) So Delphine is with me, maybe you want to make peace with others?

But Delphine Wespiser hasn’t forgotten anything about this dark period, and she replies: “That’s right, I tried to forget it, more or less succeeded. Gilles, you rekindle and rekindle the memories in me, and I believe that at that time everyone clearly disappointed me.
He gave an interview saying, ‘You don’t need enemies when you have colleagues like this’. So for this period and to all… “Miss France 2012 is raising the black flag. A sign that she is not cheating and that Delphine Wespiser is not yet ready to forgive her colleagues.

Source: Programme Television