Midi 12 Pulses (TF1): Do we already know who is hiding behind Celine’s mysterious fourth star?

Céline continues her “12 noon shoots” adventure with pleasure, trying harder every day to discover who is hiding behind her potential mysterious fourth star. Do current clues make it clear that they are the celebrities to find?

Today, Thursday, June 1st, before Céline achieved great success, 12 beats of noon being able to suggest the name of a celebrity in an attempt to discover who is hiding behind his mysterious fourth star. After Albert Dupontel, Timothée Chalamet and Léa Drucker, Camille’s mother ponders more and more each day to connect the clues that have emerged. We evaluate them together with you.

“I searched for what connects theater and basketball”

The current champion has accumulated more than 330,000 euros in winnings and gifts and therefore failed to give five out of five correct answers in the final test of Jean-Luc Reichmann’s game. When she got to the point of telling which jewel ornament the word “margarine” originated from, she definitely missed the point. He had a choice between “amber”, “pearl” or other hiding behind “Diamond”. Céline chose this last answer, which is unfortunately not correct, as the pearl is the root of the word margarine. Disappointed champ, but very happy to be back tomorrow. Current clues to the star he couldn’t name are as follows: an indoor basketball court, a red theater curtain, a podium, and maybe even a classroom board. Jerome’s friend has already suggested the names of JK Rowling or Didier Deschamps. The day before yesterday, it was the Grand Corps Malade he was thinking of. “I researched and came across what connects theater and basketball”, stated. Unfortunately it wasn’t the right answer, but the candidate has until July 24, when Céline was eliminated by a journalist to solve this mystery!

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Source: Programme Television

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