"I will not judge him" : Wife of Dani Alves, accused of rape and imprisoned, broke the silence

The wife of Dani Alves, who is in prison on rape charges, spoke on the program “El Programa de Ana Rosa”.

He decided to speak. As a matter of fact, Dani Alves’ wife spoke in an interview with the series. Ana Rosa Hand Programas you can see brand this Tuesday, March 28. The former PSG defender has been in prison since January, accused of raping a woman in a Barcelona nightclub on the night of December 30-31, specifically forcing her to touch him without her consent. His wife, Joana Sanz, decided to leave after these serious accusations. A few days ago the former FC Barcelona side wrote a letter to his other half, which was read on the Spanish programme. Sons of Ahora. “I regret your decision in these difficult times and I hope life gives us another chance to love you again (…) The truths against which I am accused are as foreign to me as to the values ​​that guide my life. life: love, respect and effort”According to the comments reported by, had specifically declared. booska-p.

Joana Sanz therefore decided to answer him in an interview with the show. Ana Rosa Hand Program. The young woman insisted on reminding her that she was financially independent before confirming their separation. “I have never asked him for anything. We have no words to say about money, we have a property separation”he said, in his written words set. “I didn’t need anything from him, we always had our own business and jobs. I never wanted to quit my job to make a living for him”said, reported Foot Mercato. As a result, he decided not to overwhelm Dani Alves and let justice do its work. “I won’t judge him, that’s what justice is for”she replied coldly.


Source: Programme Television

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