"we pass for fools" : Regrets of Seb La Frite, signatory of controversial forum on influencers regulation

Youtuber Seb La Frite regretted signing up for a forum posted on JDD about regulating influencers, in an interview with France Inter on Monday, March 27.

It is a forum that has been talked about a lot since the day it was published. JDD, this Sunday, March 26. This text, signed by more than a hundred influencers and written by Umicc (a group influence agency), asked lawmakers not to: “break the virtuous mold” measures to regulate his profession should see the light of day. But since its release to the general public, it has cut off ties with a few influential platforms like Squeezie. This is the situation of Seb La Frite, who made a statement at the microphone on Monday, March 27. France Inter. “We all usually sign something with two or three WhatsApp exchanges, which is embarrassing for us because we look a bit stupid. That’s the case because we’re really stupid for acting like that.”regretted in the preface.

He said that he was asked by the agencies to sign this text. “When you look at the law, everything is ‘okay’. It makes us look a bit human in the face of things to do when we take sides. Content creators and influencers in Dubai”said the cameraman. “We were all taken the same way”, the young man concluded. On Twitter, Squeezie also made her mea culpa after this forum went live. “I made the mistake of letting my name appear in a very clumsy column that I didn’t read before publication (…) I have nothing to lose with this reform aimed at regulating immoral product placements, mostly done by malicious influencers. I’m glad these scammers are finally punished”, started. There is no doubt that after this episode, influencers will look twice before signing a text.


Source: Programme Television

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