Achraf Hakimi accused of rape: celebrity wife keeps silent

Achraf Hamiki has been accused of rape since March 2, while his divorced wife, actress Hiba Abouk, made a poignant statement in the press release.

Today, I make it my duty to make this statement public to express my own mood and to clear up the misinformation that has been circulating in the first person.According to the news of the Spanish newspaper, Hiba Abouk, wife of Achraf Hakimi, spoke these strong words for the first time. El Paissince the football player rape indictment. “And even if silence is helpful on certain issues or sensitive questions, I urgently need to explain myself so that I can continue my personal, public and professional life in the least traumatic and damaging way possible, and above all protect myself. Of course my top priority is children.He continues to be known for his acting profession in Spain.

Hiba Abouk further reveals that she is in the process of divorce from Achraf Hakimi. A breakup that took place long before Moroccan’s legal setbacks, as the 36-year-old actress explained:The truth is, some time ago, after careful thought, my children’s father and I made the decision to end our relationship long before the events that I was in the media about and knew nothing about. After deciding to legally separate and not live together anymore, who could imagine facing the usual pain of separation as the divorce proceeding, as well as accepting the sadness of the failure of a family project for which I gave my whole body and soul? I would have to face this disgrace. I needed time to digest this shock.

Thus, Hiba Abouk wanted to express her support for the alleged victim in this case: “It goes without saying that I have always been and always will be on the side of the victims in my life, therefore, given the gravity of the accusation, we can only count on the good work of justice.“Since March 2, Achraf Hakimi has been accused of rape and placed under judicial custody. The PSG player is accused of rape by a 24-year-old woman. For now, the football player was able to count on the support of the Parisian leaders and recently beat Brazil in a friendly match (2-1) ) defeated Moroccan election.


Source: Programme Television

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