Midi 12 coups (TF1): “Not from Stéphane”… The beloved master of the game?

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Internet users do not miss pointing fingers at the production of “12 noon shot” and accusing it of cheating. After the rules change for the preferred Stéphane and the discovery of the mysterious star, some viewers assure that current noon master Nicolas is also protected for a long stay on the show.

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12 beats of noon attracts thousands of viewers every day. Among them are the happy and the unhappy, who are not afraid to make it known on Twitter. During Stéphane’s long run on Jean-Luc’s show, we could read hundreds of hate messages a week to criticize the old lunch master and accuse TF1’s producer of favoring him in order to stay on the show for as long as possible… Monday… Monday, January 30, this time to you We explained that internet users are assuring that the new rule regarding the mystery star is also a gimmick to favor certain candidates and put others at a disadvantage.

“Avoid Elimination of Hay Champions”

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As a matter of fact, until now, the noon master could suggest a different name every day at the end of the program of the first channel. After that, he’ll need to masterstroke to get to this stage, meaning he’ll need to give five out of five correct answers in the final round. Because of this, things get more complicated to discover the identity of the celebrity behind the noon star. For example, on the bluebird social network we can read: “Another rule that will allow the production to cheat more by putting in easy or hard questions as desired according to the topic and the candidates, all this to inflate the tension as well as the ratings”. “A new rule soon to be able to star bid: know how to do a foursome backflip. Everything. If you don’t want to pay any more winnings and gifts, say it, it will go faster”, another mockery.

Now it’s noon master Nicolas’ turn to bear the brunt of these accusations… “Still easy questions to avoid elimination of straw champions. Nothing has changed”, wrote the first sorry user on Twitter. And one more to confirm: “Radical change? Not that much, we always have a midday master favored by an advantageous poll. The challenger was at a good level, unfortunately the production decided otherwise”. “MDMs [maîtres de midi] advantageous, unfortunately not from Stéphane”, concluded a Twitter resignation. And others, by contrast, found that Nicolas was not favored compared to his predecessor, Stéphane. A Twitter user reacted to the difficulty of the questions during the Masterstroke round. “When they decided not to win him like Stéphane!!!”, Wrote. And a fan of the TF1 program will answer him: “They clearly leveled up! That’s how it was supposed to be, the masquerade couldn’t last very long”.

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