"I’ve been with a girl for a long time" : Laura Felpin tells her first homosexual love story

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Actress and comedian Laura Felpin told her first gay love story on the podcast La Poudre.

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On the podcast, PowderIt opened on Thursday, January 26, and opened on a variety of topics, hosted by comedian and actress Laura Felpin’s Lauren Bastide. Feature film showing this Wednesday Asterix and Obelix: Middle Kingdom, He took advantage of his transition on the podcast to come back to gay and straight love stories.

“I’ve always been fascinated by very, very beautiful girls,” he began. I was in a homosexual relationship for a very long time… Moreover, I did not start with heterosexuality. I started dating a girl in high school. Right after high school. For several years. I never said this: I’ve been with a girl for a long time. That’s why I first discovered sexual pleasures with a woman.‘ he explained.

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Laura Felpin later relied on the heterosexual relationships she had.

Then I came to Paris, met a man, stayed with him for a very, very long time. I realized I was obsessed with this: pleasing men. It’s still an obsession and I write a lot to rid myself of it because I don’t know why I need less approval from girls than boys even though I’ve been with girls. I’m really deconstructing this and getting a little lost in this feminism (…) I’m angry at a lot of things and also angry with myself because I say to myself ‘here you can do it’. Don’t deny that you want to please this man in this room and that he’s the one who strangely doesn’t take you more into account. So we’re going to have to deconstruct all that a bit.‘ he explained.


Source: Programme Television

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