Don’t forget the words (France 2): Manon reveals one of his phobias and amuses Nagui

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Great at “Don’t forget the words”, Manon brought out one of his weaknesses that has nothing to do with Nagui’s play, for which he’s now breaking multiple records.
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We no longer share Nagui and Manon, who astonished the audience, with you. don’t forget the lyrics The young woman, who has won more than 40 wins in the 2nd place in France since the end of December, and whose cat is around 400 thousand euros, continues to break records. The nominee, who quickly entered the top 10 in Nagui’s game, has already surpassed the number of bells won by the music program No. 1 Margaux. While Manon admits that Mélanie Page has no claims to replace Queen Margaux, whom her husband nicknamed, it appears that she is on the right track.

“I think it’s in my head”

Last night, Tuesday, January 24, the candidate returned to France at 18:40 to try to set new records. He took the opportunity to reveal himself a little more, revealing one of his phobias that made Nagui smile. Indeed, when asked about it, Manon admitted that he was afraid of a certain kind of bird… “Have you been afraid of birds since you were little?”asked the presenter. And the champion will make an important statement: “No, not all birds. There are birds that are beautiful, breasts, everything beautiful”. He turned back, claiming that he was afraid of pigeons. “I think it’s pretty common to be afraid of pigeons. Reassure me, right?”, he asked. And Nagui to react with humor: “Fear of pigeons, no. That’s not the first thing we want to caress in Paris, especially now that we have rats, we might open up to other species.”. The teenager later admitted that he tried to overcome his fears by confronting his fears during a trip to Dante’s country. “When I went to Place de Venise, where all the pigeons were, I put myself right in the middle of my mother and involuntarily had one or two on hand, but I did it anyway”He told Nagui that he had brought seeds for the event. “They came to my arms, I was pouting”, Manon continued. And the host of France 2 will ask him: “But didn’t they hurt you?”. “No, I think it’s in my head”‘ Manon finished.

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Source: Programme Television