Yvan Le Bolloc’h (Cafe camera, 20 years old): "It’s time to come back!"

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M6 celebrates the 20th anniversary of the cult series with its new editing. The secrets of Yvan Le Bolloc’h, representing the character of Jean-Claude Convenant.
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How do you see 2019 Jean-Claude?

It’s nearing the end! It has come to the end of its route and has searched for the last 20 years. He thought that together with his friend, they would destroy everything, exalt themselves and be number one in the 21st century.

Is it over?

Yes, with everything. It starts with #MeToo. Jean-Claude was still fodder for feminists at the company. Today, it would be staked with small branches to make it last longer (laughs). He lagged behind in all areas of his specialization. No more salespeople leaving to sleep in a hotel behind the station with a nice car and briefcase to get closer to customers. Everything is done online. It was swept. He thought he could use social networks, but now we know everything thanks to them. We are not immune. You go out with your helmet and get on your scooter and you have a photo. That’s really the grip loss before the big jump. We are there.

Is it easy to defend such a sexist, racist and outdated character today?

Even more than I thought. I’m defending a character, not the case of burly macho idiots who drug their wives so they can sneak out after dark. I will look for flaws. I think we want to give Jean-Claude two shots to get him a cup of coffee because he really isn’t in his right mind.

Do you understand the reactions on social networks?

On the contrary ! My secret wish is, “#How can we do it? How dare they?!” (laughs) I know your fans cafe cameraI see them on the street every day. I know their reaction to your absence and return. Coffee Camera. You must have done shit to disappoint them and I think we’re a long way from that. It’s funny, abrasive, even abrasive, and it’s been a long time since I’ve seen it on TV.

What awaits your character?

At the dawn of his sixties, we’ll push him towards the exit. It gave a lot to the company, but that’s what happened, there’s a kind of dehumanization in business today. You are directed to number one, people are crushed. Together with our authors, it seemed very important to us to have the perspective of this provincial SME for the past 20 years.

20 pretty tough years?

We took a kind of encyclopedia to see what happened between 2001 and 2018. Tsunami, ecological disasters, attacks, Fukushima, global warming… Absolutely dramatic. It’s scary wherever you look. In these 20 years, there are at least two moments where we all know what we’re doing at the event, such as when the World Trade Center towers caught fire after being hit by planes. I was about to go to Brittany to do a promotion. I met a comedian from France Inter in the station hall. That’s how we knew each other, but we looked into each other’s eyes… We felt… I cried all day, it was incredible. The attack on Charlie Hebdo also came as a surprise. This moment when cartoonists were killed so they wouldn’t make people laugh…

Are you afraid you will be accused of turning this unit into a political forum?

There are people who throw their shit and poison on television every day… We come out of the forest once and we will be told: “You’re inflated, you’re waiting for an opportunity to close your account” ? So what ? Yes, I guess.

Has your political allegiance hurt you?

What would hurt me was to keep it deep inside me. After that… You can’t make an omelet without breaking eggs. How many Vincent Lindons are there today? Artists showing the business world and the neoliberal system? Nobody is opening! Before Yves Montand, there were Simone Signoret, before Belmondo, there were those in the CGT… We still have a responsibility… Today we have 89 MPs from the National Rally in the Assembly, their salaries and circles costing us 50 million a year. it will be. . I’m a dad Yes, I had a few cars back then, I flew to party in Barcelona and came back the next day… I skied like crazy… But what leash don’t we? A world in which there is a pandemic, a social and ecological crisis… It is dizzying. We shouldn’t be surprised if young people spit in our faces.

Could some sketches of the time exist today?

I personally have the impression that there is an organized hunt against all comedians and that the transgressors are no more. We could see how pharmaceutical companies, banks bark at us, but we could laugh at our weaknesses and their weaknesses. There was a cathartic phenomenon that no longer exists today. No more Ken Loach social and political humor on TV. It’s time to come back! (laughs)

Camera cage, 20 years from now: Tuesday, January 24 at 9:10pm on the M6


Source: Programme Television