Choose a seat at the back of the plane, avoid going near the kitchen and ALWAYS wear flip flops: the pilot shares life-saving tips EVERY passenger needs to know to stay safe in the air

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Airplane safety is a hotly debated topic, but one airline pilot is out to fix things once and for all.

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The flight expert, who has been a pilot for 10 years and currently works for one of the world’s largest airlines, speaks anonymously to DailyMail.com, addressing some of the most debated safety issues.

From the best shoes to the safest seat – frequent flyers give their opinions on many hot topics.

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Scroll down to learn how to make your next plane trip less dangerous.

Wear shoes that allow you to move quickly

When choosing flight shoes, the pilot recommends “picking something with the worst-case scenario in mind.”

Most people will wear casual shoes, but some people may want to dress up a bit with heels or dress shoes. However, when choosing your flight shoes, I would recommend choosing something with the worst case scenario in mind. You want to wear comfortable shoes that allow you to move quickly and cover distances in an emergency. Airplane floors aren’t always clean, so flip flops are always better.

The orthotic position can save your life

Although it is rumored that the support position is designed to kill passengers faster, this is not true. As described by the US Federal Aviation Administration, this position is intended to limit the impact on your body in the event of an accident.

Knowing these as motor skills can save your life. It’s good to exercise if you can.

Seats in the back of the plane are the safest

If it comes to the safest seat on the plane, I would choose a seat in the last two thirds of the plane. This is because this area is the strongest part of the aircraft and therefore has a higher chance of surviving an impact.

ALWAYS buckle up in turbulence

In turbulence, you must wear your seat belt. Ideally, you will have your seat belt on before you leave. I’ve seen videos of people not wearing their seat belts properly and hitting their heads on the roofs of airplanes. The light and air conditioning connections can be a real pain! In more turbulent times, it’s best to dump your hot drinks on the ground and store any loose items in the front seat bag. Anything loose can become a rocket and cause serious injury.

Seats in the last two thirds of the plane are the safest, the pilot reveals

Seats in the last two thirds of the plane are the safest, the pilot reveals

Just drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink, says the pilot

Just drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink, says the pilot

Do not press the bags into the container as they may pop out

Keep everything loose in a bag. If you have duty-free items such as alcohol bottles, make sure they are stored safely under a bag in the luggage compartment. It’s surprisingly common for people to break bones when clumsy bottles roll out of cabinets. Never try Push bags into gaps because they will fly out when the box pops open and this sometimes happens when you land.

Drink a glass of water with every alcoholic drink

Because of the higher altitude when you fly, you have a lower oxygen content in your blood. This means you get drunk much easier. A glass of water goes with every alcoholic drink. Dehydration also speeds up this process, and a lack of humidity on the plane causes dehydration.

Beware of sharp edges in the toilet

Airplane washrooms are quite dirty, with pee often on the floor. They are just very unsanitary places, so always proceed with caution! Even with mild turbulence, it is better not to go to the bathroom at all. The cubicles often have sharp corners, with counters and shelves jutting out. If the plane bobs up and down, there’s nothing to secure yourself to and you could get a nasty bump.

The pilot says he's seen videos of people not properly buckled in and hitting their heads on plane roofs during turbulence

The pilot says he’s seen videos of people not properly buckled in and hitting their heads on plane roofs during turbulence

“Never try to squeeze bags into gaps, they will fly out if the container pops open.”

Avoid the kitchen as much as possible

Another place on the plane that you should avoid as much as possible is the kitchen. The cooking area is full of sharp objects, from knives to bottle openers, and if they are not properly secured, they present an immediate danger. Boiled water for hot drinks and hot meals poses another risk. In stronger turbulences, I have also seen wine bottles break. It can get pretty messy.

Lightning is generally not a problem

While it may seem scary to see flashes of light flash across the sky from your airplane seat, 99.999999 percent of flashes are not a problem. The aircraft simply emits the lighting through its skin. As a rule, only a small on-site inspection is required after the event. Recently, however, some modern carbon fiber composites used to build aircraft have had serious problems with lightning strikes. There have been cases where lightning has caused the carbon to delaminate.

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