Charlene de Monaco or how to wear a white coat at a party and be the most queen

Monaco National Day is celebrated in style, and Princess Charlene came not to play, but to win. this Royal He is well aware of the grace that hides a good. it seems black and white and pleased us pure timeless sophisticated style (including hat).

The princess has regained her passion for neutral tones and once again we see Charlene de Monaco, who always looks like an unreachable ice goddess in white. this time with one long jacket to the feet and a guest cape for added splendor.

charlene in monaco white coat

There is not only glamor in this coat, which resembles a white ball gown. There’s also the leather gloves, the high collar that peeks out of the collar to create a clean contrast, and that wide-brimmed hat that shows us off. how to wear a jute hat on special winter days.

charlene in monaco white coat

The whole style is flawless and worthy Royal family Like him. But Charlene de Monaco always takes the opportunity to add a touch of rock with her haircut or that. almost black burgundy manicure which we discovered while taking off the gloves and gives it a modern touch.

charlene in monaco white coat

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