Bikini designer Karina Irby took to her Instagram page to show off her seven-week weight loss transformation.

The influencer, owner of swimwear brand Moana Bikini, stripped completely naked to show how much her body has changed.

She shared two side-by-side shots to show what she was like before and after embarking on her transformation into fitness and diet as she posed in her bathroom.

However, the blonde bombshell made sure to cover her blushes with a good leg position and covering her chest with her hand.

Karina is generally known for her positive body content, however, she admitted to her 1.2 million followers that she has been struggling with her body image and energy levels lately.

Bikini designer Karina Irby strips down to show off her transformation in weight loss

She also said she got dressed in the dark and never wanted to look in the mirror after a shower.

At the bottom of the message, he wrote: TRIGGER WARNING – Weight Loss. This is not my regular content and I am not here to promote weight loss.

“If you had seen my post 7 weeks ago you would have read that mentally I was struggling with my body image and energy levels. I was at a point where I no longer recognized myself and avoided my reflection at all costs.

“I hated getting dressed in the morning and choosing an outfit for the day. At night, I never look in the mirror after taking a shower and getting dressed in the dark. “

“Over the past 7 weeks I have made a few simple changes and I feel and look like ME again.”

Revealing how she did it, Karina said she cut back on sugary treats, took two HIIT classes a week, and two workouts on YouTube. She also said that she stopped eating when she was full.

Adding to her post, Karina said, “My biggest obstacle is diet. I love snacks, especially bad foods! But after only a week of stopping this habit, my bloating has started to go away.”

“My second biggest obstacle is time. I never seem to have enough. Or at least I had that mentality. A few simple changes to my schedule to give Karina time and I started training again and felt motivated again.

Influencer Karina Irby poses in a printed bikini

“I’m posting this to inspire others that if you feel stuck, you can make a few small changes to feel like again. You are not alone in your feelings, just read the comments on my original post 7 weeks ago.

“You are human and you speak loudly to feel vulnerable.”

Many supported the star on the post, which has racked up more than 42,000 likes.

One of them said to him: I’m glad you feel more like yourself. I always feel much better when I propose, I have more energy and self-esteem ”.

While another added: “Absolutely stunning! It is such a change! You are fantastic.”

A third replied: “I needed it! Thanks for sharing.”

Karina is generally best known for her positive body posts, having once shown off her “stout thighs and bumpy butt” in one of her bikini designs.

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