How do you know if your pet is familiar?

How do you know if your pet is familiar?
How do you know if your pet is familiar?

Do you remember Salem from Sabrina the Teenage Witch? Crookshanks from Harry Potter, Hermione? Or Turuk-Makto from the movie “Avatar”, a huge dragon tamed by the main character? What do these characters have in common? They had a supernatural connection with their owners, understanding them and helping them in difficult situations. Such creatures are called familiars. These friends always helped the main characters.

But do familiars really exist? If so, how are they different from regular pets? What can they do? What signs can you use to tell if your pet is a familiar? What is its main function? How does it choose its owner?

Astrologer, tarologist and esotericist Katarina Shorokhova answered these questions especially for The Fashion Vibes. She explained what the acquaintances’ task is, and also told what services they can render to their masters.

Katarina Shorokhova, astrologer and tarot reader

Who are the acquaintances?

A scene from the movie “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Translated from English, familiar means relative or family. It is believed that this is a spirit that sometimes takes the form of an animal and helps a single person. They are distinguished from ordinary animal relatives by a sharper mind, intuition, and sometimes even the ability to convey information to a person by speech or non-verbal means. A familiar can have a physical body in an animal or be a disembodied spirit that comes, for example, only in dreams or visions.

A still from the TV series “Mather and Margarita”

Familiars can be guardians or even demons. It may be recalled that Faust’s servant Mephistopheles is clearly a familiar, an evil demon. There are also references to the fact that during Socrates’ lifetime he had a guardian genius, the Daimon, through whom the sage was given immortal truths.

How is something familiar useful?

First of all, the familiar is a faithful assistant of practitioners of magic. Its main task is to transmit information from the so-called subtle world. Have you seen how cats often look into space? So this is not space, most likely the pet saw a creature from another world that people cannot see.

A still from the movie “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban”

The familiar has a subtle intuition. It predicts events that will happen to a person in the future. But the task of a person is to recognize the signs that his spiritual companion sends him. If your pet starts to move and drop things, perhaps it is because he is desperately trying to reach you.

Another important task of a familiar is to repel magical attacks. The practitioner can instruct a familiar to watch over him. And if a strong negative is directed at a person, the familiar can deal a blow to him. Unfortunately, depending on the strength of the blow, familiars can also suffer. Therefore, if your pet suddenly becomes ill, check what is happening in your own life; perhaps someone in your environment is hostile towards you.

How can you find people you know?

A scene from the movie “Harry Potter”

Do you know what it is like when you go to a store or a nursery, when all the animals are busy with their own business, and only one of them freezes and stares at you with a fixed gaze? Most likely, it is someone you know. An animal you accidentally found may also be someone you know. It may be injured and need your help. And if you do not pass by, your new pet will thank you with devotion and protection in any case.

Is my pet familiar? How do I connect with him?

Not all pets are familiars. They can be very loyal, but they also do not have supernatural abilities. So how can I distinguish a familiar pet from an ordinary pet?

– The familiar has a more conscious look. If you look into the eyes of such a pet, it will look almost human.

– Familiars often gaze into the void because they observe the subtle world.

– Familiars are more susceptible to mood swings and odd behavior because they may react to negativity toward their owner.

If these points make your pet seem like someone familiar but you don’t feel like you understand him, start to watch in which situations he starts to behave differently than usual. Maybe your pet starts to freak out every time a certain person comes to visit? Most likely, he is reading his negative energy or bad attitude towards you.

What is the mission of the Familiar? How does it choose its owner?

“Sabrina the Teenage Witch”
A scene from the series: “Sabrina the Teenage Witch”

Why are there familiars? Their main task is to protect the owner. In solving difficult situations, every person from time to time needs the help of higher powers. Families are a kind of guardian angels sent by higher powers to protect people.

How does an acquaintance choose its master? The fact is that an acquaintance is not attached to a specific person, but to his soul, and finds its master in each incarnation. If this is a person’s first life, then an acquaintance can choose its owner according to his personal qualities. The stronger a person’s energy, the more likely it is that his acquaintance will be attracted to him. The reason for this is simple: a person with weak energy does not “shine” so brightly and can be invisible to higher powers. That is why acquaintances often appear among people who are associated with magic, as they consciously raise their powers. If an acquaintance has already chosen a person, then the connection will last a lifetime, even if the physical embodiment of the acquaintance changes. If you feel that your new pet has a similar appearance to your departed pet, then this is unlikely to be an accident.

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