5 places every tourist should see in Baku and beyond

5 places every tourist should see in Baku and beyond
5 places every tourist should see in Baku and beyond

If you have not yet planned your holiday destination this summer, we seriously recommend you to consider Azerbaijan, namely Baku. Of course, this direction may not seem like the most obvious direction for a summer holiday, but believe me, you will definitely not be disappointed in this regard.

First of all, Azerbaijan is about oriental flavors, modern architecture, local cuisine, which you will definitely want to return to afterwards, and of course incredible views. But let’s talk about everything in order.

Getting to know the country should definitely start with Baku, the capital of Azerbaijan. Moreover, now you can get there in just three hours without a transfer from Moscow. Agree, in our time this is the main criterion for choosing a holiday. The city itself is located on the shores of the Caspian Sea, but all the beaches are beyond its borders.

If you are going to Azerbaijan this summer, we tell you where to live and what to see in Baku and beyond.

Where do you live?

There is a world-class beach resort outside Baku called Sea Breeze Resort, and the author of this text decided to make an impromptu weekend getaway for it. Just half an hour from the city center or 20 minutes from the airport – and you are now in a completely different Azerbaijan. There are trendy beach clubs, modern restaurants and design hotels, apartments and residences. And by the way, in the future they plan to build a residential building in the form of a naval ship, which will be located on an artificial island, like the Burj al Arab in Dubai.

Overall, Sea Breeze Resort is truly a world apart, with everything you need for a comfortable holiday and life. Kindergartens, schools, fitness centers and of course a huge concert venue where artists regularly perform. By the way, this summer the legendary Nikki Beach opens – world-famous beach clubs that host the best parties.

Despite the abundance of modern infrastructure, Sea Breeze Resort doesn’t feel like you’re in a concrete jungle. The natural landscape is recreated throughout the entire complex. Plants are planted literally every day: spruce and palm trees, pines and olive trees, cypress trees, lavender, eucalyptus and much more grow here.

Where to go?

Beach club on the grounds of Sea Breeze Resort

Since it is summer outside, it is impossible not to mention the cool places you should definitely visit when the weather is suitable. Located on the grounds of Sea Breeze Resort, Beach Club is a two-storey restaurant with a beach concept. There is a large swimming pool with pool bar and also 600 seats for events.

By the way, the cuisine deserves special attention – brand chef Sergei Kondakov presented the Azerbaijani taste in the European version. And believe me, it’s definitely worth a try.

White Beach Club

You cannot come to Baku without visiting White Beach Club, one of the most popular venues of Sea Breeze Resort. It is located right on the shores of the Caspian Sea, where the Event Hall banquet area is located in the immediate vicinity. It’s especially nice that you can’t help but feel like you’re somewhere in Greece. The design of the project references the beach clubs and traditional architecture of Mykonos with its concise white houses. And the entire territory is equipped with sun loungers with umbrellas, tents and stylish gazebos.

Where to eat in Baku?


A beach holiday is, of course, nice, but do not forget that Baku also deserves attention. Therefore, when you move to the city, be sure to visit the Nakhchivan restaurant, which serves traditional Nakhchivan cuisine. Returning to the geography lesson, Nakhchivan is one of the oldest cities in Transcaucasia. So, don’t miss the opportunity to try local kebabs, more than a dozen types of pilaf, and Nakhchivan kyata, a traditional Azerbaijani pie.

rose bar

A perfect holiday atmosphere was found in the Rose bar restaurant. There is a stylish interior of an expensive yacht and Greek and Lebanese cuisine. So anyone who values ​​not only the food but also the atmosphere of a restaurant should add this place to their travel itinerary. We don’t know about you, but we personally associate the holidays with the kind of dinner where Greek salad is followed by roasted lamb shoulder. Therefore, if our tastes coincide, you know where to book a table.

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