5 reasons to go to Anapa this summer

5 reasons to go to Anapa this summer
5 reasons to go to Anapa this summer

Each of us understands something different from the ideal holiday. One important thing is the beach; The sea must be sandy and clear for you to see your pedicure. For others, it’s a hotel with aesthetic rooms, a large pool (or better yet, several) and a buffet line. For some, the main thing is not to sit still, so they look for places where there are various leisure activities.

In this sense, the Krasnodar region offers much more than we can imagine. More and more modern hotels, stylish restaurants and holiday clubs are appearing on the Black Sea coast. Therefore, some still believe that a vacation in Anapa, Gelendzhik or Sochi is akin to visiting Soviet sanatoriums, while others pack their bags and go on a dream vacation.

We dedicate this material to Anapa, the sunniest resort on the coast. Here are five reasons to head there this summer.

number 1. beaches

Long beaches with a gentle entrance to the sea have always been the pride of Anapa. That is why in the Soviet years there were many children’s sanatoriums and camps. For children, this is a real paradise – no matter how far you walk, the water remains at waist level, it warms up quickly and you can build sand castles on the shore. But hot sand is not the only calling card of Anapa. Sea air, saturated with iodine, salts and phytoncides, is an excellent therapy for the nervous system and helps against insomnia. You can be sure that you will have a deep sleep by walking on the beach in the evening.

number 2. Instagram* hotels

One of the most popular resorts on the Black Sea is Miracleon. It includes five all-inclusive hotels in different price ranges and opened its sixth at the beginning of this season – the flagship FUNF Luxury Resort & Spa Anapa Miracleon 5*. “Fynf” is made by all European standards – with a buffet line, a tennis court (do they still want to be like Zendaya in the movie “Contestants” this summer?), a three-story SPA complex and its own access to the beach. And it’s so beautiful here that for the first few days the film strip is filled with lots of photos. Because you want to take photos of every corner of the room, yourself in the mirror, the view from the window, and the list goes on.

Number 3. wineries

The development of winemaking in Anapa began long before our era. Therefore, it is impossible not to visit at least one of the wineries while holidaying in the Krasnodar region. “Chateau Pino”, “Gai-Kodzor”, “Myskhako”, “Abrau-Durso” – the list around Anapa can be continued for a long time. There are both large businesses and small family businesses. Moreover, each winery has its own characteristics. For example, General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee Leonid Brezhnev was partial to Myskhako cabernet, so a tasting room was even built in his honor. Chateau Pinot has its own snail farm, so you won’t find just wine at the tasting. And in 2012, the Gai-Kodzor winery was included in the list of the 100 best wineries in the world according to the World’s Best Vineyards award.

number 4. Lotus Valley

The surroundings of Anapa are very diverse, so even one week is not enough to see all the natural beauties. Here you can see the Pearl Waterfall, the Bugaz Strait connecting the Golden Horn and the Black Sea, the cypress lake and the lotus valley. The latter did not appear here immediately.

Many biologists and botanists tried to grow water lilies in the Krasnodar region. And in 1986, after decades of fruitless experiments, pale pink flowers appeared for the first time in the Akhtanizovsky Estuary, the largest freshwater body in the region. Over time, the water lilies grew and formed a complete plantation in an area of ​​​​six hectares. Now you know that water lilies are found not only in Astrakhan and the Far East, but also in Anapa.

You can reach any attraction here on your own or by booking an excursion. One of the reliable tour operators is FUN&SUN. By the way, you can also buy a full tour to Anapa from them.

number 5 Climate

It is almost impossible to get caught in bad or rainy weather when traveling to Anapa. Anapa is considered one of the sunniest resorts in Russia – the sun shines here about 300 days a year. This number of sunny days is due to the location of the facility. Anapa is located in the subtropical Mediterranean climate zone; The Caucasus Mountains protect the city from the cold, and gentle hills allow warm winds to pass through. That is why summers here are usually hot and dry – in July and August the air temperature reaches +30 and the water warms up to 23-24 degrees. So you can start planning your trip in advance and be sure that the weather won’t let you down.

Photo: “Ekaterina Lando”

*Social networks Instagram and Facebook are prohibited in the Russian Federation. By court decision dated March 21, 2022, Meta was recognized as an extremist organization on the territory of the Russian Federation.

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