Countries with the most beautiful beaches

The holiday season is officially here, which means it’s time to at least start planning your summer trip, even if you don’t pack your bags. No matter what anyone says, the summer season is primarily associated with luxurious beaches rather than active mountain walks. Therefore, all conquerors of the peaks, I am sorry. This time all our attention is directed to the countries with the most beautiful beaches, which are definitely worth seeing with your own eyes. Moreover, there is a suitable opportunity for this today; World Oceans Day is celebrated on June 8. So in this material we are talking about resorts with the most beautiful coastline.



I agree, this collection couldn’t have started anywhere else. Maldives is an ideal choice for those looking for solitude. Imagine, everywhere is full of clear waters of the Indian Ocean, white sands and untouched nature. And if you make the right choice when choosing a hotel, you can easily avoid meeting other tourists. Seems like a perfect plan. Overall, the Maldives contains more than a thousand islands of coral origin, inhabited by only two hundred people. And each is unique because of its location. Therefore, choose an area according to your own needs. It’s nice that there is a place here for diving enthusiasts and even for those who love surfing.



Anyone who has been to the Seychelles knows that the main attractions of these islands are giant turtles and giant stones. But the real hobby here is diving. After all, visibility under water can easily compete with the same Maldives. Especially in Aldabra Atoll, which is one of the islands and is on the UNESCO Natural Heritage List. By the way, it is also a welcome development that seasonality is a flexible concept in Seychelles. The weather is hot here from November to May. However, you may encounter cold nights in the remaining months. So when did this stop Russian tourists?



The most controversial country in this collection is Cuba. Some people like it, some don’t. However, here it is more about the service and the lack of food we are used to, rather than nature. Everything is fine with him in Cuba. Anyone who has been to the beaches of Varadero or Cayo Coco will definitely say that you cannot find a more beautiful place on the Atlantic coast. The water here is crystal clear and the sand is snow white. Also, if you find a beach full of palm trees, then imagine that you won the lottery and made a picture of your dreams come true.



The Philippines is an ideal holiday destination for those who love Asia but dream of secluded beaches and white sand. Pristine Pacific coastline, rich underwater world and wilderness like something out of a movie; All this perfectly describes the holiday here. By the way, there are also a sufficient number of local attractions. Remember, though, that the Philippines is a former colony of Spain. This is where, oddly enough, you can even combine a beach holiday with an active one.



Mauritius is a kind of fantasy, like Pandora in the movie Avatar. More like a 3D installation, this underwater waterfall is worth the journey alone to get there with transfers. By the way, spoiler alert: In fact, this event is just an illusion. Coral reefs appear due to the special topography of the ocean floor, formed by deposits of silt and sand, as well as currents near the island. It seems that the streams fall into the abyss due to the difference in depth and contrasting color of the water. Although there are no depressions, the depth in these places does not exceed one hundred meters.

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