From voodoo dolls to Annabelle: How to tell if children’s toys contain bad energy?

A toy is important for a child’s emotional development. For many in childhood, a doll is their best friend who they can trust with little secrets. After all, his image is so similar to a human! But not everyone loves dolls. Some children and adults experience a state of panic when looking into glass eyes and a dull smile on a porcelain face. It is enough to remember scenes from horror movies about killer dolls possessed by ghosts. Some people even think that dolls are watching their lives and causing trouble. Are their predictions correct or is this all just a figment of imagination?

How to determine whether a children’s toy contains bad energy? Is it true that a soul can possess a baby? If so, how can you protect yourself? How true are the stories about dolls like Annabelle in the movie “The Conjuring”? What did our ancestors use dolls for in ancient times?

Energy practitioner and esotericist Miroslava Bush answered these questions exclusively for The Fashion Vibes.

Miroslava Bush, esotericist, medium and profiler

What role did dolls play in ancient times and could they be dangerous?

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According to the expert, even the most primitive bundles, such as spools (amulet doll made of linen fabric – Ed.) carry a certain effect. They can prepare people for certain changes in their lives.

Dolls have special roles in different cultures. Voodoo dolls are known to have negative effects on people all over the world. For the figurine you need to collect parts of the future victim’s body or clothing. The ritual is very complex and dangerous, so it is strictly forbidden to joke with it.

Horror movies sometimes adorn the frightening image of ritual dolls, and you can see animated figures on the screen. This is done with the sole purpose of playing with the emotions of the audience. They don’t actually act but they can have a strong effect on a person.

How to choose a doll for a child in terms of energy?

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You need to choose the children’s toy very carefully. Such a gift carries a certain image and energy that will impress the child. It is desirable that goodness and love come out of the figure.

Pay attention to how the child plays with this doll. If it hits and breaks, it may respond with something negative – problems with health, development, behavior. The doll will respond to a gentle and caring attitude with the same message. It will be a talisman against fears, evil spirits and bad dreams.

Dolls made by mother’s hands receive especially strong and positive energy. This is truly considered a real amulet against diseases and whims of a child.

How real are the stories about babies possessed by evil spirits?

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In Moscow, there is the Museum of Unique Dolls, which has an unusual exhibit – twin dolls produced in limited editions at the factory in the late 19th century. Once upon a time, a collector bought them and passed them on to his children so that the dolls would never be separated again. However, the request was ignored and the heirs sold the twins to different owners. Later, another collector found and bought these dolls and transferred them to the capital’s museum. The story is interesting because one of the twins had a cheerful expression on his face and the other had a sad expression. This is despite the fact that they are factory-made, meaning they are identical in production.

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The fact is that the dolls belonged to different people with different characters and behavior. If a person is kind and cheerful, his toy will absorb the same energy. The unfortunate person will have the opposite result – the doll may portend problems or diseases.

Another story is connected with a BJD doll store (these are jointed dolls that allow them to take any pose – Ed.). This is a kind of constructor with which you can choose the eye color, hairstyle and clothes of the future figure. And all the time, buyers unconsciously collected dolls that resembled their own – in an improved or embellished version. It is very important to remember this, because a person is always energetically dependent on his image, even in the form of an inanimate mannequin, which affects the energy for better or worse.

Can a doll harm a person?

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An adult can also use the figures for his own purposes. For example, if you want to be thin, make a doll that looks like you in the way you want. Do you dream of becoming a ballerina? Then you need a doll in a tutu and pointe shoes. This works both psychologically and energetically. The doll becomes a visualization of a dream and affects the person.

Various figures in human form can become an idol, a deity that people pray to and fill with good thoughts. In turn, the symbol begins to protect and help its owner.

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It doesn’t matter what material the doll is made of – plastic, fabric, stone, wood. It will always preserve the energy of the master and owner. Another question is who will own it and what purposes it will serve. Ultimately, the doll, as a powerful interpretive image, appears to be used to cause damage.

If the doll is in the possession of someone who wants to harm you, or if the doll has been used in religious rituals, an evil spirit may live inside it. It is impossible to protect yourself from such a doll; must be destroyed. It is impossible to do this on your own: a specialist will help with this.

To protect yourself and your children, remember:

– Do not give children dolls of unknown origin, even if this doll is an antique and you have been looking for it for a long time;

– do not accept dolls as gifts from people who clearly want to harm you;

– In no case do not buy a doll from the street, no matter how beautiful it is.

Cursed items can harm a person’s health. The doll itself is unlikely to “come to life” like Annabelle and Chucky in the popular horror movie series, but in terms of energy such objects pose a danger.

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