How to choose a good teacher who will prepare you for exams?

Exams are approaching, which means that, in addition to intensive preparation at school and university, it is time to fill in the gaps in your knowledge with a teacher. How do you choose an expert who will most effectively help you pass your exams with excellent grades? Here are some ways.

State the purpose of the lesson

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Approach the issue tactically and strategically. Just “expanding your knowledge” is too abstract. It is important to know what result you want to achieve. Are you bad with logarithmic equations? Do you remember well the Time of Troubles in Russian history? Are you confusing -tsya and -tsya? Study the topics in your textbook on your own and circle the topics you know the least about. This is the first step. Now set a global goal, why do you need it? Maybe 70 points instead of 100 are enough for the faculty you want to enter, or vice versa, when entering a university, not only the results of the Unified State Exam, but also the Olympiad will be taken into account. Set this goal for your teacher.

Take time to review teachers’ profiles

In order not to change teachers like gloves, first write down on a piece of paper the qualities that are important to you in a specialist. Some people like intense pace, others want all the information to be “chewed” to them. If you don’t match temperamentally, it will be difficult for you in the classroom. Take the time to explore at least 5 sites that offer tutoring services. Ask your classmates and other acquaintances if there is a perfect teacher for you.

Don’t overestimate teachers’ credentials and evaluations

Read student reviews about what they liked and didn’t like about the classroom. But remember that everyone is different, so don’t underestimate them too much. Pay attention to teachers who offer their services at an average price and have good reviews. Often very expensive courses are ineffective. Yes, a teacher may have excellent experience, including abroad, but it is not a fact that he can explain everything clearly. Choose classes that suit your time and location of residence. There’s no point in going across town and returning home at night and not being able to figure anything out in the morning. Calculate your strengths and focus on this principle: Do less, get more.

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