7 Reasons Why a Man Avoids Emotional Commitment

It seems like you are already in a relationship with a man, but sometimes it seems as if he is somewhere in his own world and not with you at all. Either everything is fine with you, then suddenly it turns off and becomes a stranger. No matter how you provoke him into a frank conversation, it’s all in vain: he just moves further away and seems to freeze with his gaze. We will tell you why your boyfriend is avoiding emotional connection with you and what you should do about it.

Has an avoidant attachment style

Jude Law in “Handsome Alfie, or What Men Want”

The simplest but disappointing explanation. People with avoidant attachment type do not try to get close to others. They are also quite emotional and know how to maintain friendly and romantic relationships. The fact is that his parents were inconsistent in their upbringing: they either took care or got him into trouble. Therefore, the world seems unstable and unpredictable to him. To minimize losses, the boy decided that he could only rely on himself. Hence his secrecy and reluctance to let her into his world and share her fears and feelings. Their biggest fear is rejection. In order for the manifestation of emotions and tactile care to become the norm for him, learn to accept him as he is, that is, criticize less and do not give ultimatums. By the way, we wrote earlier that your favorite music speaks about your attachment type.

He’s a workaholic

For him, his work always comes first. He was brought up in such a way that he began to identify with what he did. Maybe it is difficult for him to communicate with people, so he compensates for his complexes at work. Therefore, often such people are very successful.

Freedom is very important to him

For most men, a stamp in the passport means the end of fun and free life. Therefore, the partner is afraid to become emotionally attached to his girlfriend. All that remains is to decide, do you need it?

Past relationships were complicated

Most often, such a crisis is experienced by idealistic men who fail in personal relationships. They are afraid to trust someone and open their hearts because they have never healed the wounds of the past. It will take time for you to get closer to each other.

Emotionally married to his mother

For every boy, the mother is an ideal, but as he grows older, a natural separation from the parent occurs and boys start dating girls. True, some men remain their mother’s children: they live under the same roof and consult her on all matters, like a wife. Such a man will always be under the control of a strong woman.

Narcissist or psychopath?

Narcissists like to surround themselves with lots of fans, which makes them jealous. He enjoys playing with other people’s emotions because it’s the only way he can feel irresistible. Psychopaths are also emotionally cold by nature. Due to their low level of empathy, they find a resource partner and then inflict psychological and even physical violence on him. Both personality types belong to the so-called dark triad, so it is advisable to avoid them.

His finances sing love songs

And finally, he sees you as a queen who needs yachts and mansions, but he can barely take you to a decent restaurant. Maybe he rents an apartment, pays alimony to his previous family, or his parents have health problems. All these factors require money, and he understands that no matter how strong his feelings are, he will not support your relationship financially.

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