The 5 best delicious hot dogs in Moscow

Among the abundance of street food, hot dog is considered the main dish. Maybe it’s because he’s one of the few people who’s been able to move from food trucks to restaurant kitchens and carve out a new role for himself. At Folk Team and Dreamteam’s new Anchovy’s Club brasserie, the hot dog has suddenly morphed into a full-fledged dish called octopus. By the way, we wrote about it here. From its name it is easy to guess that instead of a sausage, the octopus has a tentacle. And this is far from the only example of such a “substitution”. But this is not about that now.

On the eve of warm summer evenings, we decided to collect the 5 best delicious hot dogs in Moscow – the best food for long walks.

Remy Kitchen Oven

Remy Kitchen Bakery, which is mostly famous for its baked goods and especially its truffle burger, has a nice hot dog. Its main feature is that it can still be called PP with a big stretch. Of course, there is no escape from brioche, but sausage, for example, is made from turkey. And light Japanese mayonnaise instead of fatty sauces. We didn’t forget the basic fried onions and pickled cucumbers either. Well, what kind of hot dog would be without this?

How much does it cost: 700 rubles.

Rock Star Dogs

The main menu of a street food cafe in the Kitay-Gorod region consists of hot dogs on homemade buns with sparkling wine. Overall this seems like a good plan for the evening, but we’re only interested in the appetizers (at least in this piece). RockStar Dogs does not use store-bought sauces; They do everything themselves. And their signature is peppery, with more than a million Scovilles of heat. We recommend getting “Meat Chili” for the hot dog. It includes – your choice of sausage, mozzarella cheese, chopped tomatoes and chili sauce made from sriracha.

How much does it cost: 600 rubles.

“Wine Market”

As you understand, street food is ideal as a pairing dish, so the Wine Bazaar bar chain could not do without them. Here is a hot dog with a Japanese Hokkaido bun. And this is the case when a large amount of bread on a plate is not annoying at all. And as a filling you can choose between two products: shrimp, stracciatella, guacamole and fruit jam or veal, mozzarella, pepper sauce and onion dessert. If you don’t know which one to choose, get both. You really can’t go wrong this way.

How much does it cost: 550 rubles.


Underdog is the best place to make all your food fantasies come true. It turns out that there is everything here that a person who does not know exactly what he wants to eat needs. But keep in mind that the multitude of dishes that ideally fit the definition of guilty pleasure will open your eyes wide. But since we’re talking about hot dogs, be sure to try this one, too. Those who never have enough meat can pay extra for a long sausage. By the way, there are five hot dogs to choose from: from classic to the most delicious in Moscow.

How much does it cost: from 450 rubles.

“Freedom – 2”

All pasta lovers urgently need to try the new hot dog with chopped Bolognese from the Svoboda 2 glass shop. This is the case when two cuisines are unexpectedly successfully intertwined – American and Italian. The soft pastry is greased with butter and roasted garlic, fried until golden brown, and minced meat is added on top.

How much does it cost: from 700 rubles.

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