5 cute animals whose dangers we underestimate

Looks can really be deceiving, especially when it comes to wild animals. If we know about some superpredators, such as sharks and bears, some representatives of the fauna may mislead us. We’ve talked about extinct animal species before, now we’ll tell you which cute animals you should stay away from.

Honey badger

Honey badger. Photo: Legion-media

This is the one who is the real gopnik among cute little animals: when the honey badger leaves, other animals also disperse. Fluffy isn’t afraid of anyone. Its sharp teeth and long front legs allow it to fly large animals such as lions, leopards or porcupines by tearing their flesh from their bones. They have almost no natural enemies. Thick pussy serves as a real shield for him. But what surprises scientists most is its poorly understood ability to regenerate. The honey badger is not afraid of snakes: their poison is a source of buzz for him. After a fatal bite of a cobra or a noisy viper, he lies unconscious for an hour or two and then goes about his business. A honey badger can bite a person’s hand when meeting him, and can easily eat a turtle with its shell. They may do this just so life doesn’t seem like honey.


Ermine. Photo: Legion-media

Don’t underestimate the ermine! This small bright animal belonging to the mustelid family is included in the list of animals that negatively affect nature and humans. The ermine loves to swim, climb trees, run fast (it can walk up to 15 kilometers a day!) and… kill. Yes, they do this for fun, not because of hunger. They are even called serial killers. They leave the victim’s carcass in plain sight or bury it as a spare. In general, it is difficult to get rid of an ermine, but you should not underestimate it if you anger or offend it. This fluffy can attack a person despite the obvious superiority in strength. Due to the emergence of aggression, children should not keep them as pets, as ferrets can seriously damage the skin with their claws and teeth.

black-footed cat

Black-footed cat. Photo: Legion-media

The second name of the black-footed cat is ant tiger. It is not only one of the smallest cat breeds (its weight is only 1.5 kilograms), but also the most dangerous cat in the world. Even though it looks like just a cat. The black-footed cat is incredibly hardy: it can walk about 20 kilometers and hunt continuously throughout the night in difficult weather conditions. It can kill about 14 small animals during one hunt. Needless to say, he doesn’t care about people at all?


Platypus. Photo: Legion-media

The platypus itself seems like a miracle of nature. In the 18th century, European discoverers of the Australian fauna generally did not believe that such an animal (like the kangaroo) existed. Although the mammal appears to be quite peaceful, it is actually capable of repelling large predators such as dingoes and even humans. Only male platypuses have spurs on their hind legs that produce a poison cocktail. Females need it for mating fights and defense. Fortunately, the poison is not fatal to humans, but it can cause swelling or headaches.

Monk seal

Monk seal. Photo: Legion-media

Seals are very artistic and curious mammals that brazenly climb onto fishing boats in search of food. They are generally quite peaceful. It is enough to recall the network stars Kroshik and Shlissik, who preferred human society to wild ones. Some seals can even play trumpets. But this is quite an exception. The Japanese especially love squirrels, namely baby seals, because of their “kawaii” (cute appearance – Ed.): white fur, a small, agile tail like a mermaid and big eyes in which the whole universe is located. reflected. But don’t be fooled by their appearance. Adults, especially females, can attack humans. Moreover, the cause of aggression may not be anything. They also hunt dolphins and penguins for fun. Only sharks and polar bears make them vibrate and fold their fins.

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