Strange traditions in relationships that are still in force in different countries of the world

No matter what we say, mindset greatly affects what we expect from relationships. This is especially felt when traveling, when you come into direct contact with representatives of different cultures. The same word or gesture can have completely opposite meanings. The same goes for romantic signals. Wild and sometimes humorous traditions persist in some parts of the planet. Let’s talk about some of these.


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More than 190 nationalities live in Russia, so it is not surprising that even in one country our compatriot feels like he is in a completely different world. For example, it is known that Chukchi people, who still have the levirate law, live in Chukotka. So a brother or other close relative must marry a widow who has lost her breadwinner and adopt her children. It may seem wild to some, but the peoples of the Far North also have another marriage custom called nevtumgyt, which literally means “spousal partnership”. By the way, more than two couples can participate. The men make a friendship agreement among themselves, according to which each has the right to the other’s wife. Moreover, they seal it by anointing it with blood and sacrifice. The only taboo is not to enter into an agreement with a brother or relative. Additionally, in a group marriage, the parties must be approximately the same age. At the same time, children born from such a relationship are considered a single family and therefore cannot enter into close relations with each other and claim ownership.


Don’t be surprised if you remember the last Avavav show where models were thrown into the trash. Perhaps the audience decided to honor the long-standing Scottish tradition of throwing all kinds of sewage on the bride and groom the day before the wedding. And in such a “fragrant” form the couple had to walk throughout the city. The meaning of the ritual is that couples who managed to survive this shameful day will not be afraid of any troubles in the future.


February 29 is a special day for Irish women. There has been a tradition in the country since the 11th century that any woman can propose to a man and the man has no right to refuse. Otherwise, the lady will have to pay a huge fine. Probably very few singles go out on this day…


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In Denmark, since the 16th century, there has been a strange tradition of sprinkling spices on 25-year-old boys and girls who are still single. It was believed that this ritual would cure celibacy. The tradition itself arose thanks to spice traders who went on long journeys and therefore remained single.


Don’t know whether you will get married or not? Should you accept a job offer? In Finland, it is better to discuss all important issues in the sauna, since this is where guardian spirits live. That’s right, you shouldn’t come to them with a tie.


If you find yourself in Kenya and someone suddenly spits on you, don’t be surprised. Masai warriors there constantly spit because they believe that saliva protects against evil spirits. They do this often, especially when shaking hands. Moreover, they can spit not only on the man but also on the girl or child to give blessings. Therefore, know that their intentions are pure.


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Do you think only women compete in beauty? Apparently you know nothing about Nigerian Wodaabe men. They really know a lot about beauty. Every year, hundreds of carefully selected handsome men gather to attract the attention of women at the traditional Gerewol festival in the city of Ingal before the dry season. The ideal of beauty is tall height, white teeth and beautiful hands. To appear taller, men wear headdresses with colorful feathers, paint their faces red, yellow or white, and outline their lips and eyes with black. At the same time, a jury of three women (they are selected in advance by the elders) evaluates not only the appearance, but also the subtlety of manners and skills in the local yaak dance. The winner chooses which of the three ladies he likes best. The remaining women can choose one of the other candidates.


Prove that you are a real man! Of course, I’ll wear gloves swarming with paraponera ants. Oh yeah, their bites look like gunshot wounds. To make insects sting more painfully, annoy them by fumigating them with herbs. This will make them even more aggressive! And don’t be so grumpy: do a traditional dance for about 10 minutes. Great, now you can heal your wounds and put your ant gloves back on for the next few months. Which girl can resist here? Now you can call yourself a man, at least according to the Satere Mawe tribe living in the Brazilian jungle.


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Recently, the public was outraged by a video in which blogger Sergei Kostenko threw a baby into a snowdrift. However, in the Indian states of Karnataka and Maharashtra, there has long been a tradition of throwing babies from a high temple. Fortunately, the children survive unharmed. Below, the crowd holds a large woven cloth and sings ritual songs for the boy’s healing. This ritual was once suggested by a saint after local people complained about high infant mortality. Needless to say, we don’t recommend following his example?


Mauritanians don’t give much credit to thin girls. Therefore, men make their women fat to show off their beauty and health. A similar tradition is seen in different parts of Africa and the Middle East.


There is a belief in the country that the color yellow promises separation. That’s why couples avoid it in clothing, jewelry, and even sneaker laces. This was because in 2011, a local activist group chose yellow as the color of their movement, and a law was subsequently passed banning the use of this color. And no, it was not possible to banish the sun.


In Thailand’s Chiang Rai province, boys must pay for the right to go on a date with a girl. So, first they agree on the details with the lady’s parents, buy a certain number of dates, and only then do they make eye contact.


The Tidong tribe in Indonesia has a tradition not to bathe for three days after the wedding, otherwise it is believed that the newlyweds will soon quarrel and break up. Doubtful but okay.

Saudi Arabia and Pakistan

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Russia didn’t celebrate Halloween, but Saudi Arabia didn’t like Valentine’s Day. Since 2008, the country’s laws have officially banned the sale of Valentine’s Day gifts and other paraphernalia. Residents associate the holiday ban with Muslim traditions that prioritize God’s love over worldly love. A similar ban was introduced in Pakistan in 2017.


In addition to Valentine’s Day, another interesting holiday is celebrated in China: Singles’ Day. On November 11, people who are not in a relationship meet with their only friends in cafes and restaurants and go shopping. The scale of this celebration can be compared to Black Friday, when there are a lot of discounts in stores and people are especially wasteful. By the way, the date was not chosen by chance, because 11.11 supposedly symbolizes single people. On this day, many people go out to meet people on the streets.


In Nepal, women usually take two partners as husbands, who are, as a rule, relatives. Sometimes, just to avoid land fights, a wife is sought for more than one son of a family at the same time.


Polynesians do not know the word “betrayal”. Any other man would be outraged to learn that his bride spent her wedding night with her best friend, even though she wasn’t a true Polynesian. He lets his friends “take it for a test drive” before heading to the couch with his wife. It is believed that such sex with friends will cleanse the womb from evil spirits.


Transportation to Tibet is quite problematic, but this news is unlikely to upset you much. And so. Imagine your lover offering you soup made from a dead man. And if the deceased is also rich, then a lot of people will line up to try such a dish. It is considered a delicacy, so spitting it out would be an insult to the groom’s best feelings.


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The Japanese are strange men. For example, during the Honen Matsuri fertility festival on March 15, locals organize a solemn parade carrying the cypress phallus throughout the city. The genitalia, 2.5 m long and weighing 250 kg, symbolizes the brave warrior Take-ina-dane, wife of the fertility goddess Tamahime no Mikoto. It is believed that being on vacation will increase the birth rate and give single people a chance at success. And yes, if a cute guy offers you a penis-shaped lollipop, you shouldn’t refuse. These sweets are especially popular on this day.


Mexican boys love to whistle after girls, and some indigenous tribes even come up with a unique tune that only they use. Mexicans also believe that meeting a tall (170 cm or more) red-haired girl will bring good luck. But there is a weirder tradition in Mexico. For example, since the 18th century, mayors of the Mexican city of San Pedro Huamelula have been marrying a female alligator. At the celebration, the “bride” appears in her wedding dress. The groom then dances with the reptile and even kisses it. It is believed that this brings people prosperity and a good harvest. Refusing is a taboo for the local machos.

South Korea

In South Korea, Valentine’s Day is celebrated for three months in a row: on February 14, the first to congratulate are men, to whom it is customary to give sweets instead of socks and shaving cream. Exactly one month later, they celebrate White Day on March 14, when it is men’s turn to entertain women. By the way, Korean women are given not only flowers but also sweets as gifts. Giving a bouquet is not generally customary. And finally, on April 14, single couples get together and eat a festive meal: black bean noodles.


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Gypsies do not have a state of their own, but it is possible to encounter representatives of this culture everywhere. Gypsies have been settled in Russia since Soviet times, but they have preserved many traditions even in the villages. For example, brides are still kidnapped for ransom. The appearance is strictly regulated. It is taboo for a girl to walk with her head uncovered, to reveal her cleavage, or to wear above-knee trousers and skirts. The lower part of the body is considered “bad”, so they are forbidden to go up to the second floor, where men live. But paradoxically, sexual contact is not considered bad.

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