Relax, don’t work: where to go for a short holiday

Journalists, unfortunately, are people who do not have a full vacation, because in our industry deadlines are always open and lack of communication with the editor for more than three days is like a break from reality. Therefore, the best holiday option for us is a long weekend or, as we prefer, a short holiday. In such a situation, you cannot go far and there is no point in it.

But not so long ago we finally found an excellent option – country park hotels, where there is something to enjoy all year round. But first things first.

walk outdoors

Let’s start with the fact that the most important thing for a good rest is a change of scenery, so it is best to go to nature. For example, to the LES Art Resort hotel, which is located in an ecologically clean area, just an hour’s drive from Moscow. It has a large area of ​​​​20 hectares, so here you will experience more than the silence of the centuries-old forest, saturate your body with oxygen, thereby normalizing your nervous system.

And by the way, you will forever forget about stereotypes about outdoor recreation.

Hiking conditions are a thing of the past; Here you will find modern landscape design, villas with panoramic windows and designer rooms. And this is perhaps one of the few places where you will be welcome with your beloved pet. Unless your dog is a mini breed and weighs up to 3.5 kg.. This option is available in the Pet Suite category and 2 more Pet Townhouses will be introduced starting April 1.


Resting your head is not enough; The body also needs interventions that will provide relaxation. A good option for this is the AQUALES SPA complex, equipped with everything your heart desires: hydromassage and thermal areas with various types of saunas, a 50-meter indoor pool with panoramic windows. And for those who especially miss the sun (that is, us), there is a balcony above the pool area with soft sun loungers and an “artificial sun” that does not emit ultraviolet radiation harmful to the skin.

However, you still need to find time to sunbathe, because LES Art Resort has two more outdoor heated pools at your service! Thus, for the May holidays you can safely replace foreign destinations with a country park hotel. You don’t need to fly far and you have the chance to save your family budget.

gourmet paradise

After the procedures, feel free to go to one of the hotel’s restaurants. There are three of them on the territory – an establishment with a chamber atmosphere, GALERY LES Ole and Swedish restaurants that the most discerning gourmets can appreciate. It is not in vain that scientists have long been trying to prove that food improves mood.

As a responsible social observer, I report: Champagne is served here for breakfast, lunch and, of course, dinner. Therefore, it is very likely that you will want to continue. For this, you can safely go to one of the bars. Consider that complete rest for your body and soul is guaranteed.

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