A seemingly unknown hero: Why will the movie “Commander” make you cry?

On February 22, just before Defender of the Fatherland Day, the biographical drama of Alexander Guryanov and Timur Khvan “Commander” was released on Russian screens, in which Kirill Zaitsev played the main role. The action takes place in the 1980s, when precedents for terrorist attacks and hijackings in the USSR became more frequent. By the will of fate, an ordinary guy from a remote Ural village will have to go through many difficulties on the way to enter the service in the KGB, and eventually, at the age of 43, he will take part in the country’s first anti-semitic origin. -The terrorist unit known as Alpha Group. We are talking about a legendary personality – Major General Gennady Zaitsev, who went down in history as the personification of the successful fight against terrorists. It was his memories that formed the basis of the story.

Maybe that name doesn’t mean much to the general public (yet!), but true heroes are always humble, right? It does not suit them to glorify their own exploits. So what did Zaitsev do specifically? He “only” served the Motherland, but how! It was his competent actions, intelligence, courage and endurance that helped eliminate criminals who in 1988 seized a bus with 32 children, a teacher and a driver in Ordzhonikidze (now Vladikavkaz – Ed.).

The situation seemed hopeless until Zaitsev took up this job. What is surprising even today: during the special operation, he not only neutralized the criminals and saved the lives of the hostages, but also saved the loyal special forces soldiers. The guy did not like to take unnecessary risks and always treated talented personnel carefully, so his colleagues gave him the warm nickname “dad”.

The most striking thing is that the real hero of the story is still alive and healthy, and the children he saved have not only grown up, but even took part in the filming of the movie “Commander”. They “lived” their experiences, which turned into a kind of psychotherapy, in the role of parents of children captured by terrorists.

The first thing that fascinates you while watching is sincerity and originality. It is clear that the film was created by sensitive people, because the story, which initially attracted the attention of a narrow circle, turned into a fascinating film with elements of drama and action. This “care” can be seen in retro equipment such as the legendary Il-76 aircraft, as well as in shots from locations and location selection, including the infamous Karmadon Pass. And of course in the acting of the actors who convey the character of their real prototypes as much as possible.

“When you portray a living and healthy hero, it is a responsibility to the person himself, to the people who love and respect him! And this is doubly responsible, because people who do not know him will form their impression of Gennady Zaitsev based on our film, that is, on my performance,” shared leading actor Kirill Zaitsev.

A frame from the movie “Commander”

Of course, Gennady Zaitsev had to see a lot during his 11 years of service in Alpha Group, but the producers focused on the episode where the children were captured. And this is understandable. Many people remember how fire alarm sirens would go off at school when someone jokingly or deliberately reported a bomb claim. But it is unlikely that anyone would want to be in a situation where all this actually happens. Children became hostages of terrorists. They can die at any moment. And nothing can be done. Any careless action will lead to irreversible consequences. By the way, the role of the cruel Stepan Khachiyants, the leader of a terrorist gang, was played by Artem Tkachenko.

“I debated for a while whether I should add another anti-hero to my resume, but in the end, someone has to play such badass bastards. Yes, you always need to understand and sympathize, because my task as an actor is to create such an effect that the viewer at least for a minute feels something human in a completely inhuman character. As Konstantin Sergeevich Stanislavsky said, when you play a bad guy, look where he is good. But this time I could not justify my hero’s actions,” the actor admits.

A frame from the movie “Commander”

The work of intelligence agencies is almost always invisible. In reality, heroes don’t wear superhero tights and drink cocktails like James Bond. Even the rescued children only learned years later from “Commander” Timur Khvan that they were rescued not by a police officer but by the chief of special forces.

“We are very grateful to Rostec State Corporation and Rosoboronexport JSC for supporting us and supporting the idea of ​​​​creating the film. It coincided with our desire to celebrate the contribution of Gennady Nikolaevich Zaitsev to Russian history. Gennady Nikolaevich is undoubtedly a unique person; has an unprecedented number of successful operations to save the people behind it. “The mission of the above-mentioned companies coincides with the lifelong goal of the main character of the movie “Commander” – to defend the citizens of our Motherland, to defend us,” said Timur Khvan, director and screenwriter of the film.

A frame from the movie “Commander”

Russian cinema is famous for its pursuit of truth. Domestic audiences rarely appreciate interpretations “based on” classical works or distortions of the facts of real history. So, the beauty of “Commander” is that the story unfolds with its inherent drama, but without embellishing reality. It was this kind of story about courage and, of course, the eternal confrontation between good and evil that the filmmakers wanted to portray.

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