Unexplored Karelia: where to look for the same Russian North

The harsh and beautiful Russian North cannot be described in words – it is one of those places that you must see in person at least once in your life. And also one of those that will be beautiful in any season, whether it is a cold winter, a golden autumn or a hot summer. Therefore, if the question of the direction of your next trip is on the agenda, do not hesitate to pack your bags for a trip along Ladoga, the largest lake in Europe and where the “Road of Life” and “Road from the Varangians” are located. The Greeks” once passed and today, it is a route that will remain in your heart and film forever.

St. You can reach the must-see spots from St. Petersburg by car.

And if you are still new to making tourist plans, then we have prepared for you a route to the most unforgettable places along the entire lake, without forgetting about rest and delicious food.

And believe me, there is no doubt that he is thoughtful to the smallest detail and impressions, without him not a single day of the trip will be complete. What to do, where to rest, what to try on the scenic route?

Conquer the ski slopes and taste Karelia

The first point of the route is St. Just 54 kilometers or an hour’s drive from St. Petersburg is the all-season resort “Igora”. There are ten ski slopes offering equipment rental, as well as a ski school for children and classes for adults. But besides the slopes, there is something to do here: for example, children can practice hockey and figure skating at the Ice Palace, while adults can play curling, bowling, billiards or slot machines.

One of the distinguishing features of the facility is the Igora Zipline, which at 850 meters is one of the longest ziplines in the Northwest region. The resort also includes a spa complex with a panoramic pool, hammam, Finnish sauna, as well as a sauna house with a Russian steam room, an outdoor plunge pool and a sauna swing.

Here you should also take a gastronomic break at the Favorit restaurant, whose menu consists of dishes from northern and Karelian cuisine – you can try seaweed mushrooms in sour cream, globe stroganina with pickled fern, forest mushroom soup with potato dumplings or lake trout. with mashed potatoes and herb sauce and much more.

Enjoy panoramic views of Vuoksa and wine tasting

After the resort of Igora, the route goes directly to Priozersk via the village of Losevo and the Vuoksa River and to the first “Point on the Map” located at Cape Mayachny. Natural wood and panoramic windows overlooking the water area and the forest will allow guests (and with a room capacity of 50 rooms there is enough space for everyone) to integrate with nature without depriving them of comfort.

By the way, on the territory there is a cafe with an open terrace and a wine lounge for fans of enotourism.

By the way, from here you can quickly reach Priozersk, one of the largest cities on the shores of Lake Ladoga.

See the Ladoga cliffs and relax in a hut you’ll never forget

On the way from Priozersk to Sortavala, it is worth stopping at the stone islands of Lake Ladoga, called rocks. These include the islands of Tulolansaari, Putsaari, Pellotsari, Koyonsaari, Impilahti Bay and the city of Linnvauori.

But keep in mind that after such eventful stops you will definitely need some rest, and therefore the road leads to the Dacha Wintera park hotel, hidden among the coniferous forest on the Ladoga coast. There is everything for an ideal holiday: comfortable rooms and cottages, a botanical garden with interesting plants, the Gustav Winter estate, a bath complex, a restaurant with local highlights in the menu and proximity to the main attractions of Karelia.

On the territory where the summer complex is built, guests can enjoy the Gustav Winter Museum, the steam room on the raft, the Tarulinna rope park, the bathhouse and the health complex, as well as the panoramic Gustav Winter restaurant, which introduces travelers to the Gustav Winter Museum. The uniqueness of the Northern Ladoga region with gastronomic experiences. In general, the dishes here deserve special attention – the menu includes dishes from forest mushrooms and northern berries, game, Lohikeitto fish soup, local fish in all its diversity, emphasizing the national flavor, and tea infusions from local fruits and herbs. a unique taste and beneficial properties.

Visit the famous “Ruskeala” and spend a soulful evening on the terrace

After “Dacha Winter” you will move on to the “Point on the Map”. Sortavala.” This is because it is the most convenient way to get to the famous mountain park “Ruskeala” (by the way, the branded retro train “Ruskeala Express” passes here), the “White Bridges” waterfall and the city of Sortavala. From the pier, where regular flights to Valaam depart In the evening, it will be especially pleasant to return to one of the “Points on the Map” rooms, whose windows overlook the water area.

Meanwhile, ground floor rooms have a terrace with access to Lake Pyjaralampi, while second floor rooms have a balcony. Equipped with comfortable armchairs and a coffee table, these rooms are perfect for contemplation and intimate evenings.

The hotel also has a sauna with views of the coniferous forest and the lake, barbecue gazebos, a children’s playground and pier, two eco-paths with relaxation areas and a bistro serving local cuisine. The first connects the hotel and the bistro, turning the breakfast tour into a pleasant walk in the forest, while the second path runs partly along the lake.

Reach the “symbol of Karelia” and relieve tension in your personal sauna

On the way to Vidlitsa, you can turn off the main road to the ethno-village Kinerma, a unique complex monument of folk wooden architecture, which is rightfully called the symbol of Karelia.

Then return to Ladoga coast to spend a few nights at the “Dot on the Map”. Vidlitsa”, created for guests who are attracted by secluded recreation in nature and its picturesque drawings, but are not ready to give up a comfortable stay in cozy interiors.

This “Dot on the Map” consists of 15 individual houses, seven of which are located on the first coastline and eight on the second coastline and the forest zone. Each of them can accommodate up to four people and is equipped with a personal sauna, allowing you to enjoy your holiday to the fullest.

All roads lead to the Lodeynoye Pole

After reaching the Lodeynoye Pole and staying in the eponymous “Point on the Map” (32 standard rooms and 18 family rooms), your journey around the largest lake in Europe will end, leaving only St. The St. Petersburg road will remain.

This is where you can enjoy the panoramic view of the water area for the last time and breathe in the fresh air of the coniferous forest while walking on the terrace or along comfortable paths.

Before going home, go to the hotel restaurant and sit by the fireplace in an atmosphere of warmth and comfort.

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