If you’re staying in the city, what should you do during the New Year holidays?

If as children we waited for the New Year holidays to receive valuable gifts, as adults we only ask for mercy and some rest from Santa Claus. Therefore, if you suddenly ended up in the city during the holidays and did not go anywhere, despite the huge choice of hotels, this is no reason to spend the whole weekend in arms with Olivier and sparkling wine. Moreover, active winter recreation is always in trend.

Extreme sports lovers can finally start skiing or snowboarding because this can be done even in the Moscow region. And after New Year’s holidays, main health enthusiasts should definitely go to the bathhouse. By the way, we wrote about the coolest options here. Well, for those who want to spend the weekend without regretting the lost time, we have collected win-win ideas on how to make the most of these days.

Go to the breakfast festival

Agree, there is little that can wake up a normal person early in the morning during the New Year holidays. But it is much easier to do this if there is a good reason. We, the editorial office, discovered the BreakFest breakfast festival, which has been held every January for five years. And even getting up on the weekend is not difficult for him. Restaurants from 13 cities in Russia are participating: Moscow and St. From St. Petersburg to Krasnoyarsk and Novosibirsk. So no one will go hungry this winter. The festival works on the following principle: Participating restaurants create a special fixed-price menu consisting of the categories eggs, grains and cereals, dairy products, pastries and desserts, and drinks. All you have to do is choose a place for breakfast. Although the month-long duration of the festival seems likely to force you to go to as many places as possible. Last year the author of this text tried 25 breakfasts in different places. I suggest you break this modest record.

Visit furry friends

Those who admire aesthetic pictures have probably come across atmospheric videos on a banned social network from an alpaca farm. Even though the haters say “it’s a mess,” we won’t stop being impressed by this adorable furry animal. The most visited place this year is the Russian Alpaca farm, located just 40 minutes away from Moscow. However, not only them, but also camels, llamas, rabbits, sheep and even Scottish cows live there. You cannot feed the animals, but you can take them on a private walk for an additional fee. In general, we are already creating a route.

Spend a spa weekend

After the December race, I just want peace and quiet as I try to cover all the pressing deadlines. But a long weekend is not a good reason to forget your beauty routine. Therefore, we recommend that you use this time with maximum care for your appearance. Personally, we really like the idea of ​​taking a day aside and going to the spa with close friends. And if getting together outside the home is an impossible task for you, don’t miss the opportunity to spend time with your best friends at home. Moreover, in this case, the useful can be combined with the pleasant. And don’t tell me we’re the only ones who open the bag of chips after the face masks.

be in nature

No need to go to the forest. Some estates or parks are perfect for such a trip. We recommend you to go to Peredelkino, where the house-museum where Boris Pasternak lived for many years is located. Another nice place for walking is Meshchersky Park. Moreover, there is a real fairy tale in winter. There is a cozy coffee shop right in the middle where you can buy hot drinks and sweet snacks.

Stay away from television all day

Now let’s be honest: It’s nice to plan minute-by-minute activities for each day of the New Year’s holiday, but it’s even nicer not to go anywhere in the end. We never judge for that. Who knows how our long weekend will end? And the January holidays are perhaps one of the few periods when you can relax and completely disconnect from all work duties. Do not miss the opportunity to watch for the hundredth time how Kevin will be alone at home, and Katya will tell Goga how long she has been looking for him.

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