Houses in the natal chart

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The natal chart is a wheel divided into 12 houses or sections. At the exact moment you were born, each planet and constellation in the zodiac was in a specific house or section of this wheel. Astrologers believe that knowing these places can give a person more insight into how astrology affects important areas of their life, such as health, career or relationships. We explain what each house in the natal chart is responsible for.

1 house

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The first house is often called the house of personality. It is ruled by Aries and Mars. Moving into this house can give you the opportunity to better understand how others see you, your character traits, your worldview, and your sense of self-expression. In other words, this house will tell a person a lot about his personality; not only about the visible aspects of the character that make him who he is now, but also about how his personality might develop in the future.

2 Houses

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The second house, ruled by Taurus and Venus, is associated with possessions but does not focus solely on material things. Placement in this house can help a person gain insight into everything that belongs to him/her, be it money, investments, or his/her inner self, needs, and inner values.

3 Houses

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The third house is called the house of communication. This house is under the auspices of Gemini and Mercury and is responsible for how you communicate with other people. Communication is not just talking or texting, it is something that can be transferred and changed. Therefore, astrologers look for this house to learn about a person’s style of written and verbal communication, how he or she may interact with himself, his environment, and those he knows well.

4 House

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The fourth house, ruled by Cancer and the Moon, focuses on one’s family, history, traditions, and ancestors. Many astrologers consider it fundamental to a person’s personality, life, and beliefs. People look at home to gain insight into how they relate to their parents or their own children and how they care for themselves and others.

5 House

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Leos are known for being charismatic, social and dynamic, so it will come as no surprise that the fifth house, ruled by the Sun and Leo, is responsible for all aspects of life related to pleasure, self-expression and creativity. The fifth house speaks of things that bring joy and self-realization to one’s life. For example, about art, culture, romance, games and hobbies, and even family and children.

6 House

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Pragmatic Virgo and Mercury rule the sixth house. Its prerogative is the health and general condition of body and mind. It provides insight into physical health and the relationship with the human body, mental and emotional state. For example, how you respond to challenges and in which areas you can experience personal growth.

7 House

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The seventh house focuses on interpersonal relationships and how one interacts with others. The house ruled by Venus and Libra is all about partnership, not just romantic ones. The astrological placement in this house is also believed to govern interactions in business relationships, contracts and negotiations.

8 House

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Passionate and mysterious Scorpio rules the eighth house along with Mars and Pluto. This house also focuses on relationships, but not on how people behave in relationships, but on how those relationships transform them. The house involves understanding one’s birth, death, sexuality and karma.

9 House

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The House of Purpose, ruled by Jupiter and Sagittarius, is sometimes called the house of philosophy. This is because it focuses on the higher mind. The house is dedicated to religion, morality, ethics and dreams. The information in this section may also be about travel, culture, or even ancestors.

10 Houses

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Capricorn is one of the hardest-working signs of the zodiac, and therefore the 10th house ruled by Saturn and Capricorn is where the native turns to learn more about his career, achievements and social status. Placement in this house can also help a person identify their professional goals and ambitions and determine how successful they can be.

11 Houses

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The 11th house, ruled by Saturn, Uranus and Aquarius, is about our friendships and how we find harmony with others. Astrological placement in this house can give you more information about social groups and organizations in which you are interested. This house relates to collective beliefs and actions and how these contribute to self-actualization.

12 Houses

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The 12th house, sometimes called the house of the unconscious, is ruled by Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune. Pisces is associated with emotions and creativity, so they turn to this house to learn more about their imagination, emotions, and subconscious. The placement in the 12th house indicates personal strengths and weaknesses and how people confront and learn from their past actions.

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