Tell us what you’re eating: 7 bad eating habits you need to get rid of now

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Every person has certain eating habits formed from childhood. For example, some drink water with meals, others add salt to all meals. And oddly enough, each of these habits directly affects people’s physical and sometimes even mental health.

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Attitudes towards food are influenced by a variety of factors, from gender differences to family traditions. Therefore, children who grow up in families where it is not customary to express their feelings experience emotional hunger. Later, they overeat to regain the missing feelings from childhood.

Changing eating habits is not easy. Beliefs that people have stubbornly believed for years cannot be replaced by a new one. Therefore, we advise you to gradually get rid of them.

Expert Julia Dyachenko talks about seven bad eating habits that negatively affect physical and emotional health.

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Julia Dyachenko

Use gadgets while eating

At first glance, this habit is not food in nature, and perhaps that is why its role in weight gain is underestimated. And it’s all very simple: This way of eating from time to time increases the number of calories eaten and develops reflexes that help increase the number of meals. For example, whether we want to eat or not, our hand reaches out for a snack while watching a movie.

There is a waste of food

This is a relatively new term, but it is more relevant today than ever before. It is important to understand that here “garbage” refers to all products that do not bring any benefit, but create problems and accumulate. This can be safely attributed to the category of habits and, consequently, addiction to them. Such products include chips, sugary sodas, many confectionery products and, of course, fast food.

Drinking coffee on an empty stomach

Yes, this gorgeous and attractive picture when the morning starts with flavored coffee has become a definite habit for many. It is important to understand that this harms digestion and the functioning of the entire gastrointestinal tract, and as a result can lead to serious stomach problems.

Consume low-fat dairy products

This is an illusion of benefit and reduction in fat intake. This group of products can also be classified as “food waste” since the benefits such as the percentage of fat in its composition are zero. It should be noted that calcium is absorbed only from foods with a sufficient fat content. You can safely consume milk with a fat content of more than three percent and reduce daily consumption due to the “extra” fat content of food, for example, by changing the cooking method.

add salt

Experts recommend minimizing the use of salt as a flavor enhancer. It is enough to exclude salt from your habits for a month, as you will feel a taste completely different from ordinary products. Believe me, it takes less time to change a habit than it does to form it.

drink less water

Water is an important resource for beauty, harmony and health. By consuming the right amount of water, the person reduces excess calorie consumption and triggers important regeneration mechanisms. If you follow the drinking regimen, the body itself “throws” excess body weight for it. The condition of the skin also noticeably improves.

Follow diets

This way of changing diet today is a habit and the illusion that you can get in shape in a month or two. Girls change diets, follow them for a short time, and then do it again and again. The absence or reduction of bad habits is the first step towards health and harmony. The next step should be the establishment of healthy eating rules, sports culture and appropriate sleep patterns.

Source: People Talk

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