“The worst site”: Artemy Lebedev criticized the Constitution of the Russian Federation

Artemy Lebedev was once again upset by the Constitution of the Russian Federation, but this time specifically by his website.

Earlier, the blogger had mentioned the country’s main law, criticizing the print quality and design. Artemy was also angry at the fonts, layout and covers. And he often compared paper to toilet paper and said: “It would be possible to make airplanes out of it, but airplanes will be ***.”

Artemy Lebedev (Photo: social networks)

In today’s issue of The Most Honest News, the Constitution has again fallen into the hands of a blogger. He called his site “the worst site”. The designer disassembled and commented on other countries’ government sites, then stated that ours was “as outdated, outdated and unsuitable as possible”.

Artemy decided to take matters into his own hands and announced the creation of his own version of the site, which, according to insider information, will be available by Constitution Day (December 12). The designer plans to make it engaging for a young audience that is “tiktok conscious”. It will be interesting to see if it succeeds!

Source: People Talk

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