“Big Trouble”: Nikita Efremov for the first time spoke about alcohol addiction

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Actor Nikita Efremov admitted to the 7 Days portal that he struggled with alcoholism and told exactly how it happened.

“I don’t hide the fact that I have an addiction. He drank excessive alcohol for a long time. When I realized the existence of this problem and confessed it to myself first, it became easier for me to cope with the disease. “Unfortunately, alcoholism is a big problem in Russia and we have to talk about it openly,” he said.

Nikita Efremov (Photo: social networks)

He also added: “I get help from psychologists. I have experts for all problems. <…> With the help of psychological methods such as hitting the pillow with a stick, I get rid of the accumulated aggression. I’m still screaming in the woods.”

Recall that in 2020, Nikita’s father, actor Mikhail Efremov, was the culprit of a fatal accident due to alcohol poisoning, for which the court sentenced him to 7.5 years in prison. Unfortunately, this is a clear example when alcoholism is hereditary. After all, Mikhail’s father, Oleg Efremov, according to his son, also “could not do without a bottle.”

Source: People Talk