Tom Segura Gets Two New Stand-Up Specials On Netflix

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Tom Segura will continue to bring humor to Netflix viewers as the streaming service confirms two new stand-up specials. The comedian, bestselling author, podcast host, and NY Times actor will present his fifth and sixth comedy specials for the broadcaster, scheduled to premiere in 2023.

Segura is originally from Cincinnati, Ohio. It is known for its Netflix specials. pig ball, shameful, completely normalY mostly storiesSegura also starred in a feature film. close family, Countdown, backY opening actamong others.

The comedian is one of the best-selling touring artists in the world, selling hundreds of thousands of tickets on numerous international tours.

He also hosts the most popular comedy podcasts “Your Mother’s House” with his wife, comedian Christina P., and “Two Bears, One Cave” with comedian Burt Kreischer. Segura also produces multiple podcasts under the YMH Studios brand. He recently released “I’d Want to Play Solo, Please,” which debuted at #2 on the NY Times Best Sellers chart.

Segura’s wife also has three Netflix comedy specials under her belt. mom down, degenerate Y maternal genes which debuted on the streamer earlier this year.

Growing up in a fluent Spanish-speaking half Peruvian half American household, Segura bets on Latin America, crossovers, and performs in English and Spanish. She also released a podcast in Spanish, she. Tom Segura from Spain To improve your skills in the Spanish language.

Source: Deadline