Group "Spleen" dedicated a performance with a song "No exit" Artists leaving Russia

The group “Splin” dedicated the performance to artists who left Russia with the song “No Exit”

The group "Splin", performance Russia

Alexander Vasiliev

At the rock festival “Chernozem” in Voronezh, the group “Splin” dedicated their performance to artists who left Russia with the song “No Exit”.

– said the soloist of the group Alexander Vasiliev from the stage.

He added that he was pleased to see so many people who protect mercy, compassion, charity and do not accept cruelty, violence and murder. Some viewers later wrote in social networks that their evening was ruined because of Vasiliev’s statements. Others, on the contrary, expressed their support for the musician.

“Attention, news!” According to the telegram channel, the organizers of “Chernozem” removed the set from the broadcast of the festival with the performance of the group.

Later, the representatives of the organizing committee of the festival commented on the events in an interview with TASS.


Source: Spletnik

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