What can and cannot be done if you have a sunburn?

What can and cannot be done if you have a sunburn?
What can and cannot be done if you have a sunburn?

You can get sunburned not only on the beach, but also while walking around the city or working in the summer garden. Let’s say you made a mistake and forgot to apply SPF before going out in the heat. Naturally, under the scorching sun of +30 degrees, your skin burned. And now you can barely sleep or find a comfortable position for the pain to stop. We tell you how to give yourself first aid in case of sunburn.

How to treat sunburned skin

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It is important to first assess how badly you have been burned. Redness, burning, tightness and discomfort are common symptoms, but if you develop blisters, a high temperature, a rapid heartbeat, nausea or dizziness, you should seek medical attention immediately. You should take an antipyretic or anti-inflammatory medication before the doctors arrive.

So, at the first signs of a burn, you need to:

– Go indoors or at least into the shade;

– If there are no buildings nearby, cover exposed parts of the body with clothing, a towel or other dense fabric;

– Replenish fluid deficiency in the body;

– Drink cold, clean water; but avoid soda, coffee, alcohol and even hot tea;

– If there are no blisters or open wounds on the skin, you can rinse the skin with water and then apply sunscreen or panthenol. In mild sunburns, it will take 3-5 days for the skin to heal;

– Apply a cold compress for 10-15 minutes several times a day;

– Apply aloe vera juice to relieve itching;

– Make a mask from crushed cucumbers and apply it to your skin.

What actions can harm sunburned skin?

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Things you should never do if you have a sunburn:

– Apply ice and take a cold shower – sudden temperature change will increase inflammation;

– Do not pierce the blisters with a needle or other sharp objects – otherwise infection will occur;

– Wipe the skin with products containing alcohol (alcohol dries the skin and increases peeling);

– Lubricate the skin with any vegetable oil (oil interferes with air exchange and natural cooling of the skin);

–If there are wounds, blisters or acne, apply fermented milk products;

– Use scrubs or harsh washcloths to speed up exfoliation, as this will seriously damage the skin.

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