Food Poisoning: Avoid This Type of Sushi If You Want to Limit the Risks

Food Poisoning: Avoid This Type of Sushi If You Want to Limit the Risks
Food Poisoning: Avoid This Type of Sushi If You Want to Limit the Risks

It’s getting hot and you’re wondering if it’s reasonable to continue eating sushi given the risk of food poisoning. What you need to know before ordering.

There consumption of raw fish or undercooked is increasingly common in France. Ceviche, carpaccio and obviously sushi are all the rage, especially in summer when you want to eat “light” and healthy. If you love sushi like me, you may be wondering which ones are most likely to contaminate you.

And with extreme heat the issue becomes even more acute. Are certain types of fish more at risk? According to Sam Martin, senior director and food safety expert at Microbac Laboratories, interviewed by HuffPostThe amount of harmful bacteria living in raw fish depends mainly on how the fish was raised and stored, rather than the species of fish consumed..

Salmon Sushi, The Riskiest?

However, the specialist warns against some types of raw fish. Against all odds, Salmon has the highest risk of parasites. The number of salmon carrying tapeworms has increased in recent years. The risk of infection is therefore greater when eating raw or undercooked salmon, such as that found in sushi. It may also contain more common harmful bacteria such as salmonella, Vibrio vulnificus and Escherichia coli.

Eels are also more likely to carry parasites, but this fish is served cooked in sushi restaurants. This greatly reduces the risk of food poisoning, as the heat kills the bacteria. Tuna also poses risks if served raw, but less so than salmon.

Conclusion: if you want to avoid food-borne illnesses at all costs, the best solution is to opt for cooked sushi. Yes, it’s less fun, but it’s the best way to protect yourself. Please remember that in the case of food poisoning, the symptoms (vomiting, abdominal pain, various allergic reactions) appear in the hours following consumption of the food.

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