Does the mental load of the holidays fall on you?

Does the mental load of the holidays fall on you?
Does the mental load of the holidays fall on you?

The mental load doesn’t go on holiday. As the summer holidays approach, women are also the ones on whom the organization of the holidays depends.

The month of June ends, a month which, we can say, is the most challenging of the year (with September tied) for parents. And for good reason: between the fairs, the end-of-year shows, the birthday snacks every weekend (so much so that we believe that half of the children at school were born in June), the registration of children in leisure centres/courses/ fields and… organizing the holidays. As millions of families prepare to soon pack their bags to go on vacation, it seems the mental burden of the holidays still falls on mothers. In any case, this is what a study from 2022 tells us, but still relevant today.

Overall, men make less than women

According to an Ifop survey published in summer 2022, the first to look at the mental load related to leave, 66% of French women say they have done more than their partner in organizing trips and holidays this year, compared to 34%. this year men who have the same feeling. In fact, almost half of French women are responsible for choosing accommodation themselves, compared to 26% of men.

And that’s not all. 54% of women prepare meals on vacation compared to 24% of men. The same proportion takes on personally Cleaning and maintenance of the resort compared to 15% of men. 78% of French women pack their children’s bags and 75% do the laundry. 41% of women have already argued with their partner because he was not involved enough in preparing for the holidays.

Note: 58% of men are responsible for driving during the holiday trip compared to 18% of women.

François Kraus, director of the “Gender and Sexuality” division of the IFOP, later declared regarding these findings: “This survey shows that vacations, both in terms of preparation and implementation, do not escape gender privilege, meaning that men generally do less than women in most tasks related to marital life and children. Even on vacation, they are the ones who are responsible for the vast majority
anticipate, prepare and manage, with the exception of driving the family car which remains a male prerogative. »

Anyway, if you're still wondering if the burden of the holiday falls on you. You just have to ask yourself the few questions in the survey and you will have the answer. We don't want to demoralize you, but according to another study, women end their summer holidays less rested than men. I am not joking. Come on, happy holidays!

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