5 fashionable swimsuits that are completely unsuitable for tanning. Here’s what you can replace them with.

5 fashionable swimsuits that are completely unsuitable for tanning.  Here’s what you can replace them with.
5 fashionable swimsuits that are completely unsuitable for tanning.  Here’s what you can replace them with.

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I agree, one of the reasons we go on vacation to the sea is to tan. For the sake of chocolate skin tone, every second person is ready to spend his last money on all kinds of cosmetics, get up at seven in the morning (when the sun is not yet dangerous) and even drink carrot juice. But this is not enough. To get the perfect tan, you also need the right swimsuit.

Yes, beachwear should not only look beautiful and sexy, but also provide comfort and convenience at sea. Of course, we won’t forget social networks, but the swimsuit database should definitely be in your arsenal.

So which bikinis are best for sunbathing? Today, The Fashion Vibes’s fashion department will go the opposite way and talk about five fashion models that are completely unsuitable for tanning. It will also give advice on what to wear instead.

Wide strap swimsuit

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In the case of this swimsuit, the problem lies precisely in the wide straps that leave very visible marks on the skin. If you wear this type of bikini every day, you will not be able to wear a fashionable bandeau dress or a tank top with thin straps at the end of your holiday. It will be very obvious how much time you spent on holiday. Therefore, we recommend that you choose bandeau bodices during the hours when the sun is most active.

Long lace-waist swimsuit

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Last year, waist-length string bikinis were worn by every self-respecting fashion influencer. However, this type of swimsuit is not suitable for tanning. After all, if you leave this fashionable detail on your belly, it will easily “press” on it. Therefore, we recommend replacing such a swimsuit with a classic triangle that can be reversed and make the style less banal.

high waist bikini

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High-waisted panties have become especially popular lately. Firstly, they advantageously lengthen the legs, secondly, they emphasize the waist, and thirdly, they hide the flaws of the figure. But there is one drawback: you can say goodbye to an even tan. If you wear such a swimsuit every day, exactly half of your belly will tan, and you can say goodbye to all jeans, shorts and low-waisted skirts. It is best to choose the “tick” model, which also visually lengthens the silhouette, making the legs longer and the waist narrower.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. Photo: social networks

With such swimsuits everything is very clear. Even if you choose strapless models, your belly and back will not tan. Monokini is best worn in the evening when you want to create content for social networks. But during the day, pay attention to closed retro corsets and classic panties on the hips.

Halter-neck swimsuits

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We share a life tip: Wear a different style every day to leave as little trace of your swimsuit on your body as possible. Before going on vacation, you should buy a bandeau, a classic triangle, a top with spaghetti straps and something for social networks. Mix these and the tan will go on as evenly as possible. But try to avoid ties around the neck. Since the scars move straight towards the face along the collarbone, it will not be easy to hide the scars behind clothing. You can replace the swimsuit with a swimsuit fixed on the shoulder blades.

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