Kendji Girac case: justice concludes that the artist shot himself intentionally

Kendji Girac case: justice concludes that the artist shot himself intentionally
Kendji Girac case: justice concludes that the artist shot himself intentionally

Hospitalized on April 22 after a gunshot wound, the singer confessed that he wanted to “fake a suicide” after a domestic dispute after going back on his statement. The prosecution closed the case without further action.

Classification without further action for the Kendji Girac affair.

On April 22, the 27-year-old artist, revealed on “The Voice” in 2014, was hospitalized in Biscarosse (Landes) after being seriously injured by a gunshot to the chest. When questioned by the authorities, he then declared that he wanted “fake suicide” after a domestic dispute.

It was then “he returned to his first statements, indicating that, due to his alcoholism and his cocaine use, he was not aware of what he was doing with this weapon and that he did not want to put pressure on his partner”Mont-de-Marsan public prosecutor Olivier Janson said in a press release.

Duty of care against classification without further action

The prosecutor also claims that the shooting was provoked “voluntarily” by Kendji Girac. “The investigation carried out made it possible to formally exclude the intervention of third parties in the shooting”added Olivier Janson, quoted by FranceInfo.

The Prosecutor's Office therefore announced that it will close the case on Monday 24 June, despite the recognition of the accusation “two negligent crimes” : purchase and possession of category B weapons and illicit use of narcotic substances.

“Since Kendji Girac has no criminal record and was also able to appreciate the seriousness of these crimes (…), he was asked, as an alternative measure to criminal prosecution, to pay two citizen contributions”, added Olivier Janson. Kendji Girac will have to pay a sum to a victims' support association and provide proof of mandatory health surveillance for six months to have the drug use case dismissed. Finally, the procedure aimed at “the crime of psychological violence” his wife was also fired.

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