Children’s Books: The 10 Best Children’s Albums of June 2024

Children’s Books: The 10 Best Children’s Albums of June 2024
Children’s Books: The 10 Best Children’s Albums of June 2024

Summer is here, and with it children’s books. Discover our selection of the 10 albums that caught our attention in the month of June!

It smells like the end (of the year). We put our pencil cases and backpacks in the back of the wardrobe, we stuff ourselves with cakes at the school fair and we leave for the summer holidays. But what do we actually read with the children in this fantastic month of June?

The summer of a thousand and one stars, from 4 years

Written by Zemanel, illustrated by Émilie Michaud and published by Flammation Jeunesse, The Summer of a Thousand and One Stars is a little nugget. It tells the story of four puppies, Ribes, Mirtillo, Raspberry and Cassis, who decide to spend their first night under the stars, without their parents. In the end we too have only one desire: to go and count the stars and see where it takes us.

In search of happiness, from 3 years

Illustrated by Bérengère Mariller and written by the sublime pen of Ella Coalman, all published by Editions Casterman, this album is a hymn to the simple happiness that is often found under our noses. Full of philosophy and wisdom, it is perfect for giving a nice uppercut to a social problem, that of the injunction to happiness. A real favorite!

In search of happiness

The green mouse of fear, for 3 years

Everyone in the mode knows the song of the green mouse running in the grass, but did you know his story and what happens when he meets humans? This album, by Agnès Debacker and Claire de Gastold published by Editions Gallimard, is fun and full of twists. Not to mention the colors of the illustrations are absolutely brilliant, with this Pantone neon green making you want to proudly display it on your bookshelf.

The green mouse of fear

During nap time, starting from 5 years old

A beautiful story written by Martina Aranda and published by the Pastel editions of the École des Loisirs. The story of a little girl who spends her summer holidays at her grandmother’s house eating donuts, taking naps on cotton sheets and transplanting plants to give her grandmother hope that she will come and make them grow. Warm colours, intergenerational transmission values ​​and a great idea of ​​happiness: it’s sublime.

During nap time

Wind in the notebooks, from 6 years old

From the collection published by Glénat editions “Les petits bonheurs de Charlie Blossom”, this album by Camille Osscinni and Julien Arnal smells of the end of school. The last dictation, the end of recess, the schoolyard that smells of summer… This whole album is a hymn to the beginning of the summer holidays and transcribes with incredible precision everything we could feel when we were little, and that that even our little ones felt. listen now, in your turn. Full of nostalgia and poetry, it’s a real favourite.

Wind in the notebooks

Me and my dog, for 3 years

Hop hop, another beautiful gem published by Saltimbanque. Written by Céline Person and illustrated by Magda Brol, Me and my dog it’s a danger if you read it to your child: it’s very likely that it will bother you for the next 3 years enough to adopt a dog. And let’s face it, we won’t help you, because adopting a good dog is the best idea, as this sublime book demonstrates in a very fair and kind way.

Me and my dog

Loupito, palm trees and shells, from 4 years

Loupito is a very nice album that tells of the impatience of going on holiday to the grandparents, and the joy of returning home and finding one's own little world afterwards. Written by Magali Clavelet and published by Little Urban, this new volume of the Loupito series is perfect to start your summer holidays, as it smells of beach, sun and sea.

Loupito, palm trees and shells

In the land of stories, from 5 years old

Attention, huge, HUGE crush on the brilliant illustrator Briony May Smith's new book, written by Sara O'Leary, still published by Gallimard. In In the land of stories, we discover the childhoods of Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne Brontë, famous authors who need no introduction. The story of this unique and modest family is told with poetry and delicacy, and you will also find, at the end of the album, a guide to making your own little book as Charlotte did for her sister Anne, but also a chronology of the history of these famous brothers. A nugget to urgently put in all libraries.

[Image intérieure]    Square or square

On the way to Reinette, for 8 years

Another big favorite in this selection, for the sublime album by Emmanuel Bourdier and François Ravard, published by Flammarion Jeunesse. Poetry, humor, tenderness and adventure: it's all there and it's perfect. We follow the life of little Zélie by the sea who, one day, discovers a letter in a bottle. Strange fact: this love letter is signed with the same name as the one that scares the children who approach her stone house. Coincidence? We can only invite you to discover it, we don't want to ruin the fun.

On the way to Reinette

Dendan, the black and white rabbit who had been reading continuously for 5 years

Dendan, the black and white rabbit who always read, written by Natacha Lloret and illustrated by Mélanie Pietro, is published by the youth association publishing house “Chapolire éditions”. This album tells the story of Dendan, a black and white rabbit who reads constantly, even while cycling! Will he be able to arouse the curiosity of his friend Cancan and give him a taste for reading? We really fell in love with this beautiful story of friendship between two bunnies who at first sight are completely opposite and who nevertheless end up finding a common passion. We really like the poetic and dynamic illustrations that give rhythm to the story. Another element that caught our attention: the font is original and very readable. This peculiarity is due to the fact that this book is suitable for DYS children.

Dendan, the black and white rabbit who read all the time

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