The 7 expressions of my children that really annoy me

The 7 expressions of my children that really annoy me
The 7 expressions of my children that really annoy me

Teenagers use among themselves (and sometimes with their parents) a multitude of words or expressions that we don’t always understand. And that often annoys us.

Having preteens at home means having to hear from them linguistic tics and, in the long run, it becomes exasperating. Sometimes I really feel like I don’t understand them anymore, they giggle among themselves and I really feel like I’m missing the point. Maybe I forgot, but I don’t think I used that many weird expressions at their age. Of course, I’m not the only one left behind, according to a study by Preply (a language learning site), 92% of French people say they observe a linguistic gap between generations. According to 39% of those interviewed, this is certainly due to the growing use of social networks and other digital communication platforms.

I’ll share one with you non-exhaustive list. Don’t hesitate to extend it.

“Are you okay, brother?”
We no longer present this beautiful expression which designates a close friend, but not the mother!
Um no, actually, honey, don’t tell me, brother.

“You’re embarrassing there.”
Meaning what ? Am I annoying because I sing at home, am I annoying because I scold you? Am I embarrassing because I tell you that you look good in this sweater? In short, this sentence bothers me, it alternates with “oh how embarrassing”. In his book Educate without exhausting yourself (Solar), psychologist Alan Kazdin writes: “Teens often have difficulty accepting effusive praise, which they perceive as ’embarrassing.’ (…) So, you will surely realize that your teenager perceives your approval as embarrassing or annoying, especially if he takes the form of a public reminder that he is still a child under your control. »

Common expressions with my young colleagues, yes, yes

“No, but it’s crazy!” »
Shock of generations, my children and my 25 year old colleagues repeat it over and over again. And here I have to tell you that I feel very, very old.

"You're too bitter there"
So I really think they didn't understand the meaning of the word embittered. I'm tired of buying birthday presents for all your friends who were ALL born in June. But no, that doesn't make me a bitter person.

“I don't care” / “poucave”
What an affront to the French language! Luckily they only say it to each other. But they don't mind throwing it to their 3-year-old siblings.

“It's rinsed out”
So I'm amazed. A simple word to say it's rotten. So much gets swept away listening to them.

" Crazy "
Another point in common with my colleagues. Example: "Is this series good?" Response: “Wow! »

Finally, I'll spare you the now outdated "quoicoubeh", "apanyan", "cheh"...

Over 55 are we really in trouble?

Again according to the same study, There is a real gap between generations as none of the respondents over 55 knew a single word on this list!

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