Star of the movie “Major Thunder: The Game” Dmitry Chebotarev spoke about getting injured while performing stunts

On May 23, the film “Major Thunder: The Game” was released in wide release, in which Dmitry Chebotarev returned to his role. The actor’s appearance in the film was kept secret, because according to the plot of the previous part, he died. But the secret has already been revealed, and now Dmitry boldly shares his impressions of working on the film.

Dmitry Chebotarev. Photo: social networks

As it turned out, stuntmen took part in some scenes instead of Chebotarev. The actor admitted that he was almost not allowed to wear the Phantom costume. “Take care of yourself,” Dmitry emphasized, adding that during the filming of the last fight he did everything himself.

A still from the “Major Thunder: The Game” trailer

The artist explained that work on the episode took about eight days. Dmitry diligently performed one of the tricks and did not expect that it would affect his condition. “I did this a few times and my back turned. I couldn’t take off my shoes myself, I couldn’t bend over, they were undressing me. And we still have four days of shooting left. They then gave me a doctor and had me back on my feet within 40 minutes. But I came to the site for two days and the girls put on socks and shoes for me. It was fun,” Dmitry shared, noting that he doesn’t regret what he did.

A still from the movie “Major Thunder: The Game”

Chebotarev stated that filming the fight was the most difficult, but also the most fun. According to the actor, his character Oleg Volkov has changed dramatically compared to the first part of the film. Now this is not a figment of imagination, this is a real person. “He started to become more cynical and stubborn. He understands people,” Dmitry explained in a conversation with Bubble Comics.

Sergei Goroshko, who previously played Sergei Razumovsky, revealed the details of his weight loss. According to the actor, he lost 22 kilos before filming Major Thunder: The Game.

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