Now relatives: Katerina Kovalchuk showed her father at the wedding with Garik Kharlamov

Yesterday, Katerina Kovalchuk published a photo with Garik Kharlamov in front of the Wedding Palace. The actress did not reveal the details of the celebration, but showed off the set table and herself with a luxurious bouquet of flowers.

Katerina Kovalchuk and Garik Kharlamov. Photo: Legion-media

As it turned out, Katerina’s sister and father were present at the wedding. The artist published photos of himself posing embracing his family.

Earlier, rumors about the secret marriage of Garik Kharlamov were instigated by his mother. Natalya shared a video of herself posing in an evening dress on her personal blog with the caption: “I returned to the status of mother-in-law.”

Let us also remind you that the couple announced their engagement at the beginning of May. The comedian later explained how he proposed to his girlfriend.

Source: People Talk

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