Negotiations have begun: Gravity Falls sequel may be possible

The Direct writes that a sequel to the popular animated series “Gravity Falls” may be coming, citing Disney’s vice president of television animation and branded television, Meredith Roberts.

A frame from the “Gravity Falls” animated series

A spokesperson for the company said the studio is in talks with series creator Alex Hirsch. “Never say never,” he added. According to Meredith, the author plans to publish a book about his project with Disney. “We are also making some short films,” Roberts said.

According to the publication, if the project is indeed revived, the story will tell about the already mature Dipper and Mabel, who will fight a new enemy.

Gravity Falls is the most successful project in Hirsch’s career. The animated series premiered on Disney Channel on June 15, 2012. He has received two Emmy Awards and three Annie Awards. The final episodes of Gravity Falls aired on May 13, 2016.

Source: People Talk

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