Rihanna launches new Fenty line (but no music yet)

Since launching Fenty Beauty in 2017, Rihanna has developed Fenty Skin, Fenty Fragrance and her own Savage x Fenty lingerie brand. Here she formalizes the release of Fenty Hair for June 13, 2024. What hair products will we find there? Shampoos, conditioners, hair milks, masks, but also weaves and wigs?

Please do not stop the Music “, sang Rihanna in 2007. Since then, it is more or less the plea of ​​her fans, since the Barbadian artist has not released a new studio album since then Anti in 2016.

Almost eight years later, she has taken the time to have two children with her partner A$AP Rocky (the first, Rza Athelston Mayers, born in May 2022, and the second, Riot Rose, in August 2023), and consolidates his cosmetic empire began in September 2017 first with Fenty Beauty, then Fenty Skin and Fenty Fragrance. And let’s not even talk about her lingerie brand, Savage x Fenty (recently condemned for its restrictive subscription system, by the way).

But now it has just formalized the launch of Fenty Hair (for which it had already registered the trademark in March 2021) for June 13, 2024.

Rihanna is teasing the launch of her hair brand Fenty Hair for June 13th

Indeed, on June 4, 2024, Rihanna revealed on her social networks and those of her brands to launch the new extension of her empire. In a teaser video, we see her walking down a street where all the residents love Fenty Hair despite having different hairstyles, she explains the caption:

“Fenty Hair has moved in and would like to welcome you to Mane Street, where every home is a home of style. It’s the sweetest suburb, with the poshest neighbors and the most desirable streets. Where everyone is free to be and live their dream. Where you feel empowered to play your way, then change it the next day. This is where you’ll find YOUR strongest style and where you’ll want to stick around for a while. It’s time to enter a new era of repairing stronger hair through styling. »

A cheerful clip, sure, but one that says nothing about the products. Especially since Rihanna appears there with what looks like a blonde weave, pixie cut (short in the back with highlights in the front). So much so that we’re on the verge of thinking she’d rather be a wig brand. Except that since then other teasers have appeared, in particular on the Instagram account of this new Fenty Hair which talks about ” new era of repair » and products « clinically proven to repair, strengthen, hydrate, smooth and protect“.

Clearly we cannot stop progress when it comes to diversifying our businesses to maximize our profits through more and more products derived from our notoriety when we are a celebrity.

What hair products will Rihanna sell under her new Fenty Hair brand?

In the story we see Rihanna playing ASMR style with her long nails to scratch, pat and caress these new hair products. The caps have different textures (for all hair types, straight or textured?), to better identify them. The packaging looks nice, but we don’t know what it is yet. We can guess at least shampoos, conditioners, hair milks and masks. But will there also be weaves and wigs?

As for the eternal comparison with Beyoncé, who launched her hair brand Cécred in February 2024, will Rihanna stand out with a more accessible price positioning? The mystery remains intact, until the product availability date scheduled for June 13, 2024. In the meantime, we can always go and have a shampoo before listening to Fenty Music, coming from the one that has gone through all the possible and imaginable capillary eras.

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