Can the “overnight divorce” save the couple?

More and more couples are choosing to sleep separately. What if “sleep divorce” was the couple’s future and the secret to their longevity?

According to a recent survey by of the American Academy of Sleep Medicineit is estimated that one in three Americans sleeps regularly in a separate bed from your partner – a process called “divorce in your sleep”, you understand “sleep divorce”. This practice could attract a growing number of people, including celebrities.

In fact, Cameron Diaz said in a podcast in late 2023 that he wants it put an end to the taboo of separate bedrooms. Can we love each other, but not want to sleep together, to keep the flame alive or not to disturb our partner, due to his repeated snoring or his strange schedule? Sleeping together wouldn’t be so natural, according to specialists, remember that 37% of French people say they are dissatisfied with their sleep (44% of which are women).

Is it more advantageous for the couple to sleep separately?

A University of Michigan study, published in late 2023, found that it’s actually more beneficial for couples to sleep separately than together, if the goal is to get eight hours of uninterrupted sleep. “ A good night’s sleep is important for both health and happiness. So it’s no surprise that some couples choose to sleep separately for their overall well-being.”said Dr. Seema Khosla, a pulmonologist and spokesperson for the American Academy of Sleep Medicine (AASM).

And privacy? One thing is certain, it is not created when we are immersed in deep sleep, but rather when we are awake. The separate bed could, on the contrary, help rekindle desire. But opponents of this practice will always tell you that they prefer to fall asleep in their lover's arms. In France, according to an Ifop study, only 10% of couples sleep in separate rooms.

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