Pajama party: 3 cult films to watch with children this weekend on Netflix

SIf you want to organize a movie night with your children this weekend, we have selected three titles, available on Netflix, that could entertain you.

So, what will we watch this weekend as a family? I shared with you some time ago
6 films from 90’s which I couldn’t wait to introduce to my children. This time I propose 3 films from the 90s available on Netflix, perfect for a sleepover. Get the popcorn, throws and pillows ready, let’s go.

Mom, I’ve been missing planes since I was 7

The cult film from the 90s is available on Netflix and that’s the best news. Remember, Kevin, the youngest of a family of more or less happy boys, is forgotten at home on the day of his departure for Paris. While his family is away, he will have to cook alone, do stupid things, turn the house upside down and above all deal with thieves who are not very good and who use absolutely brilliant tricks.

Matilde, from 7 years old

This version of Mathilda, released in 1996, has become particularly cult for an entire generation. Even though a reboot was aired, as a musical comedy, it’s the 90s original that remains in people’s minds. Be careful though, some scenes may scare more sensitive children a little.


Casper, is a ghost story that isn’t (too) scary. And it shook an entire generation! We get to see Christina Ricci make her debut in front of the camera and alongside Bill Pullmann and that alone is fantastic.

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