Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman reveal the secret of their long-term friendship

The world premiere of the movie “Deadpool and Wolverine”, starring Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman, will be held on July 24. In the story, characters unite against a common enemy and to save the world.

Hugh Jackman and Ryan Reynolds. Photo: Getty Images

As it turned out, the lives of the artists share 17 years of friendship. Reynolds said his relationship with Jackman was similar to his marriage to Blake Lively. “We rely on each other to give us the advice we need,” the actor said.

A still from the movie “Deadpool and Wolverine”

Ryan added that he first met Hugh on the set of X-Men Origins: Wolverine. According to the star, from that moment on they provided each other with reliable support.

Jackman noted that their friendship was not interrupted by life’s difficulties, career development and fatherhood. “You don’t have many friends to whom you can say something that would embarrass you,” Hugh said in an interview with People magazine.

Source: People Talk

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