“You’re still a good mother”: Paris Hilton’s fans teach her how to take care of children

Paris Hilton with her family. Photo: social networks

Paris Hilton, 43, who recently became a mother of two, has failed again. This time, he put his son Phoenix’s life jacket on incorrectly.

Paris Hilton with her son Phoenix. Photo: social networks

The star posted a video from her holiday on social media. In the video, he is seen swimming with his one-year-old son, Phoenix. In the comments, followers made various comments to the celebrity. “The life jacket is on the wrong side of the baby, but you are a great mom! Enjoy every moment!”, “This is just advice from mother to mother. I think the vest was worn inside out. But I love this video!” write Hilton’s fans.

This isn’t the first time Paris has needed help from fans. He previously posted a video of himself installing child car seats incorrectly. The star corrected the situation after listening to the advice of her subscribers.

Source: People Talk

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