“I’m trying to survive”: Kate Beckinsale attacked her followers

Kate Beckinsale. Photo: Getty Images

Actress Kate Beckinsale reacted emotionally to her followers who described her as too skinny. The star said she was struggling with a serious illness.

The 50-year-old celebrity posted a video of herself trying on different looks. In response, Kate received many comments about her figure.

While the Underworld star was excited to get back to work after being hospitalized for weeks, haters were quick to voice their opinions about her appearance.

Kate Beckinsale. Photo: social networks

“I’m sorry to say this, Kate, but you look a little skinny,” “You’ve always found a great balance… But when your cheekbones start showing, the balance disappears…” followers wrote. For this, Beckinsale shared her problems. It was revealed that the star was hospitalized for more than a month due to serious digestive problems.

“Last year I lost my soul mate, with whom I lived for almost 19 years. The star said emotionally on her blog: “I have been trying to recover from all my losses since the moment I found my young father almost dead as a child.”

The star also lost her stepfather a few months ago. We recently wrote about how Kate Beckinsale responded to plastic surgery accusations. The actor posted a video in which he sits in a wheelchair as an old man. The star sarcastically expressed hope that her face would now be appropriate for her age.

Source: People Talk

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