“Melissa was Avril Lavigne for longer than her”: fans are again talking about the rock star’s replacement after 20 years

Avril Lavigne. Photo: Getty Images

The other day singer Avril Lavigne commented on one of the most terrible and long-standing conspiracy theories in foreign show business. But fans still don’t believe him. On social networks they claim that the rock star was replaced by a girl named Melissa.

Avril was only 17 when she rose to fame with her chart-topping songs. This was in 2002. At the same time, the singer’s studio album Led go was released. After this, rumors began to spread that the girl could not cope with the fame that had befallen her and was saddened by the death of her grandfather. As a result, she allegedly took her own life.

Avril Lavigne. Photo: Getty Images

Supporters of this creepy theory believe that Avril’s twin, Melissa Wendella, was hired to distract the paparazzi during the young artist’s lifetime. Before the star’s alleged death, Melissa was allegedly trained to perform on stage and act just like Lavigne.

“Melissa has been Avril Lavigne for much longer than she has. “I think we should accept Melissa for who she is: Avril,” people commented on the singer’s latest interview.

This story was first mentioned on the blogspot website in 2005. By the way, there is a disclaimer at the beginning of the original text stating that this is an indication that a conspiracy theory is being implemented. But the arguments seemed so convincing to the readers that they believed them.

The evidence included minor changes in Avril’s appearance after 2003 and a photo of Lavigne with the name “Melissa” written on her arm. They also found hints of substitution in the song Under My Skin.

The singer has been trying to stop these conversations for a long time. In 2017, he replied to a fan on his social media page: No, I’m not dead; I am her. People are bored and need something to talk about. She repeated her claims in 2018 and 2019. Of course, this further strengthened the beliefs of those who supported the theory.

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