Gaze control and protection against motion sickness: What will the iPhone with iOS 18 look like?

Apple clearly adheres to the rule that there is no limit to perfection. The company introduced new features for iPhone in iOS 18 and iPadOS 18, which have not yet been released.

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Perhaps one of the most interesting innovations is the Eye Tracking option, which is of course based on artificial intelligence. This feature will help disabled people control the device with their eyes. To do this, you will need to set up eye tracking via the front camera, after which the device will read the data and save the specified parameters (that’s all? Yes!).

But the possibilities are limited: at a glance you can activate the necessary icons, navigate between application elements, “swipe” unnecessary ones and more.

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The next story we find interesting (and painful) is Vehicle Movement Cues. This interface will help reduce motion sickness during transportation.

The website explains that a person looking at a touchscreen experiences what is called a sensory conflict, resulting in dizziness or nausea. It results from the discrepancy between what the person sees and what he experiences. When using the function, moving dots will appear on the screen in synchronization with the direction of transport, helping to reduce sensory conflict.

Another important option is Music Haptics for the hearing impaired. When the function is activated, the phone will vibrate to transmit the music rhythm. The “Listen to unusual speech” option is highlighted to make it easier for people with diseases that affect speech to use the phone.

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